Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Reasons To Give Up Sleep

If we only have so much time on Earth, why spend a third of it unconscious? Sleep is such a waste of time and not productive at all. Some of the most famous people in history have not been sleepers. I saw an article that called the people who don’t sleep much, “the sleepless elite.” Damn, that’s sounds like a cool club to be in! They don’t give up sleep entirely. They get a little, but not the out cold for 7-8 hours that “doctors” recommend. Here’s why I’m joining the legions of intelligent, uber-productive people who don’t sleep much. C’mon, are you with  me?

10. I’m just not very good at it. If we’re terrible at anything else in life, we don’t stick with it. We move on to something we can succeed at and feel good about.

9. An awesome tan: If I was awake almost all the time I could travel and always keep ahead of the sunset and spend literally 24 hours a day in the sun. That’s of course only possible if one of you gifts me a private jet. You know where to find my e-mail, get at me!

8. My cat is pretty sure he needs to eat at 4:30 a.m. Who am I to resist nature?

7. Sir Isaac Newton, who invented gravity only slept about two hours a night. If I only slept two hours a night I’d have time to invent those flying cars we were all promised would be standard by now. Thanks for letting us down Marty McFly.

6. Get way more than 10,000 steps a day on my FitBit and be in incredible shape.

5. Sylvia Plath, Emily Bronte, and Michael Chabon: All these famous writers barely slept. You know what they did with all those waking hours? They wrote books that made them rich and famous. Imagine what I could do with all the extra time?

4. Ride a unicycle: Ive always wanted to learn. With more time, I’d have that checked off my list in no time.

3. I’m going to open a Sleepless Club: It will start in the evening as a night club and morph into a diner after 4 a.m. All the sleepless people will have a place to hang out.

2. Martha Stewart and Donald Trump: They’re sleepless people. I imagine we’d spend a lot of time hanging out. Give up sleep, it’s a good thing.

1. Best blog ever! Right now I only write about 5 blog posts per week. How great would it be to have 10 blog posts from me a week?

Do you have trouble sleeping? What do you do with the extra hours? If you’re not  one of the sleepless yet, what would you do if you were?

Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil


20 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Reasons To Give Up Sleep

  1. Some of those listed could really use more sleep. Rich ain’t everything.

  2. My cat gets me up at 4 am too. And she is relentless. Even if I throw things at her, she keeps coming back until I get up and give her food. Then she takes one little nibble and goes back to relaxing on the couch. And she never bothers my husband, only me.

  3. You forgot one. My bedroom window looks over a patch of woods where every night a raccoon orgy happens and it’s usually in those wee hours. I’m not saying I would want to partake in a raccoon orgy. I’m just saying maybe it would be fun to see what all the screeching and hollering is about.

  4. All my life I struggled to sleep, until last year, when I bought earplugs, and now I sleep like a person should. It changed my life, I swear. I wish I was one of those people who only need 5-6 hours a night. Oh how I envy those people.

    • So it took you until now in your life to try your plugs for the first time?

    • I’m never comfortable at the thought of sleeping with earplugs. I fear that if I couldn’t hear everything somebody would break into my house and kill me in my sleep.

      • I used to feel the same. BUT, I have a dog, and I sleep with a Marine, so I have that goin for me. I can hear everything, but mostly my heartbeat and breath over everything else. It was an adjustment, but now I’m conditioned. Earplugs in, Joey out.

  5. I definitely have trouble sleeping. So I read…but then I get caught up in what I am reading and have to go “just one more chapter”…so I end up staying awake reading until my eyes literally fall closed. But…give me an hour and they will pop open again. Sigh…it is as it is. 🙂

  6. Lots of laughs here. Thanks, Phil.

  7. my sleep is usually pretty good
    But if I didn’t sleep I would
    Get to work on music more
    Then I’d be a rock star for sure.

  8. I’m am sitting here at 2:25AM…i don’t sleep. Well i do, just at abnormal times lol If I’m awake, like now, I write and hope it’s coherent 🙂

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