Top Ten Tuesday! 10 Movies Someone Should Re-Make

Sometimes a modern re-make of a classic movie works (Cape Fear, 1991) and other times, not so much (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 2005). This list is the ten movies I’d love to see a re-make of.

10. An American Werewolf in London (1981): When I saw this movie about 35 years ago, it was awesome and the special effects were incredible. Now, in comparison with today’s CGI world, it looks cheesy. Great story would be even better if the visual effects were from the 21st century.

9,8,& 7: Back to the Future Trilogy: In 1985 we saw in Back to The Future II what they thought the future would look like in 30 years (2015). Why not re-make the trilogy in current time and project into the past and future from now?

6. Big: A Tom Hanks classic about a kid who wishes to be grown up and gets his wish. (BTW, remember he’s at an amusement park when he makes his wish using a Zoltar machine? I’ve been to that park and I’m still the same size and age. Anyway, I propose that they re-make it, call it Little and have an adult wake up as their childhood self but with their adult mind. This is a no-brainer. Stick Zac Effron in it and call it a hit.

5. E.T.: In my updated version of the remake, E.T. returns 35 years later and finds Drew Barrymore now playing all grown up Gertie but with her own kids who save the alien. Are you kidding me? This idea is gold and it would get Drew out of the horrible Netflix show she’s currently making. (Santa Clarita Diet)

4. The Goonies: No plot twists here. Just remake it with better make up for Sloth.

3. Stand By Me: In the re-make all the original actors, except River Phoenix return to their hometown for the funeral of River’s character. After the funeral the guys decide to embark together on the same journey that bonded them together as kids, including the run on the bridge with a train coming. They learn how much they’ve changed and how much they’re still the same and they fondly remember their friend and that fateful summer. It’s a new Big Chill, kind of.

2. Casablanca: Surprised you with this one, didn’t I? A classic love story so much better than the insipid tripe that has passed for love stories over the last 30 years. I don’t, stick Clooney and J-Lo in this and you’d have a winner.

1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: Matthew Broderick returns to play Ferris Bueller in his 50’s taking a fake sick day off of work and trying not to get caught by the man. Again, this stuff writes itself and would still be a blockbuster today.

So, do you like my choices and my proposed updated plot lines? What other movies would you like to see re-made?

Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil

18 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! 10 Movies Someone Should Re-Make

  1. I LOVE your choices……I’ll think about my additions and get backache!

  2. They could all see some potential improvements… except for ET. That could never have the same impact!

  3. Love your choices. Need a Breakfast Club redo where all the kids are super successful and come to the aid of an ailing vice principle.

  4. These are awesome choices!!! I’d like to see The Hunt For Red October redone with Alec Baldwin playing the president instead of Jack Ryan… 😜

  5. Careful what you wish for Phil
    The remakes are rarely good as the original.

  6. Oh yeah, a remake of Stand by Me. What a good idea. Wait, not a remake, a revisit, I guess.

  7. You can’t remake Casablanca. It’s almost perfection as it is.

  8. These movies are classics. Can’t be remade. You made a good pitch, though! The feris buehlers day off, goonies, Big, Bk 2 the future…great movies!! 😄😃😀

  9. HA! Awesome choices, Phil. But frankly, a remake of Back to the Future, I fear, would classify it as a horror movie. It’s just so innocent the way it is now.

  10. I really like the idea of Back to the Future being remade. I’ve always had this great scene play out in my head where the Marty character would same something like “dead ass” instead of “that’s heavy” and see Doc Brown try to decipher what that could possibly mean.

  11. Why? Why should we remake something that successfully already exists.

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