Top Ten Tuesday! The Ten Worst Ideas For Top Ten Lists

10. The Top Ten Rashes Shaped Like Presidents

9. The Ten Most Horrific Diseases You Didn’t Know About


8. Ten Ways Your Pets Might Kill You

7. The Ten Worst Ideas for Top Ten Lists

6. Ten Ways To Tell If Your Spouse Doesn’t Love You

5. The Ten Most Painful Things That Could Happen To You

4. Ten Reasons You’ll Never Really Find Happiness


3. The Ten Most Unusual Bowel Movements Ever 

2. Ten Ways Your Children Will Disappoint You

Preview (1)

1. Ten Things Living Inside Your Body Right Now

So who wants me to actually look up and create lists for all of these? And which one would be the absolute worst for you to read? Or do you have another suggestion for the list? Have a great Tuesday everyone! ~Phil

6 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! The Ten Worst Ideas For Top Ten Lists

  1. No. 8 and no.1 are particularly terrifying. Convinced my cat is forever trying to kill me. “Yeah I’ll just silently lie across the kitchen floor, right behind where you’re standing. And cooking with hot oil. Can’t see how this could go wrong.”

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  2. The horrific disease one sounds interesting. I am always thinking about how simple tasks could go completely wrong. I guess I am a worrywart.

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  3. Excellent list of lists to avoid. ;-D

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  4. D.L Finn, Author

    Definitely not lists I’d want to see:)

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  5. These top ten lists are pretty rotten
    Let’s just make them the ten bottom

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