Throwback Thursday! Two People I Hate

(June 21, 2014) Typically I’m all about suffering fools gladly because I am so wise. Today, not so much. Well, not so much the suffering fools part I mean. Of course I’m still wise. That’s why you read my blog right? The Phil Factor: Where Wisdom Gets Drunk and Let’s Its Hair Down. Here are two people that I hate with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns:

No ice guy: Hey, everyone who goes to a fast food joint or restaurant and orders your beverage with “No ice please”, what is wrong with you? If you’re at a fast food restaurant a drink is so large that it could douse the sun. Do you really need the extra three ounces of sugar water that saying “No ice please!” gives you? If you’re doing it to save money so you don’t have to buy another beverage when you finish that one then you probably shouldn’t be eating out in the first place. Others may site some mythical internet rumor stating that restaurant ice is full of germs. Hey guess what? The whole world is full of germs! If you hide from germs your body won’t develop an immunity to them and when you do get exposed you’ll get sick.  Don’t fear germs, embrace them!

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Supermarket check writer: This mostly applies to old people who haven’t learned about these new fangled debit and credit cards everyone’s been raving about for thirty years. You know what? I don’t care if you use a check. What is a big deal is when the person in line in front of me is using a check but seems to have no idea that the cashier is going to ask for payment. Look, using a check is a pre-meditated act. If you know you’re going to a store and you’re going to write a check, fill in the name of the store, today’s date, and oh..I don’t know, maybe your own freakin’ name! And for the sake of all that is good in this world do not stand at the register entering the amount in your Little House on the Prairie check register as meticulously as if God had come down from the heavens and given you the amount to inscribe on a stone tablet. You only get so much time on this Earth. Is writing checks how you want to spend it? If it’s just your own time you’re wasting, I don’t care. Write a hundred checks! If I’m in line behind you, you’re now wasting my time. This is why it’s not a good idea to have guns and ammunition available as “impulse buy” items at the check out. Hell, I’d probably have time to register the gun and pass the background check while someone is filling out a check.

So who, or what gets under your skin?As always, if you enjoyed my little rant feel free to comment and share by the Facebook, Twitter, or re-blog button below. Have a great weekend! ~ Phil


13 responses to “Throwback Thursday! Two People I Hate

  1. What about when “supermarket check writer” is also “has every fucking coupon under the sun” person?

  2. the 42 items to ring up in the 15 item maximum express lane person

  3. Haha, Phil, patience is a virtue.

  4. The idiot at the next table who finds it necessary for the whole restaurant to know what so and so did at the office. Seriously, nobody cares. Unless you work for some rag sheet lol

    Women who constantly play with their hair, again, in a restaurant. Ladies, tie it back BEFORE you come in. No one wants your hair in their food!

  5. I get all AK47 over the idiot who leaves his car at the pump to go inside and get a Slurpee. He’s the one who does this after I pull behind him in a packed station.

  6. I accidentally unfollowed you (wrong button) and now i cant follow you again wtf 😰😰 HELP???

  7. Wait. Nevermind. I think I fixed it?

  8. People that let their children misbehave at the movies. I get it–you need the time with the family somewhere fun. I feel your pain. I truly do. But having kids was your choice, not all of society’s. I chose to pay $100 of my expendable income to get a ticket and a small drink so I could actually hear the movie, buddy.

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