Canada Has a Day?

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends out there. For those of you wondering, Canada Day is a celebration of the founding of Tim Hortons. Or it might also be a celebration of the enactment of the Canadian constitution which united the three colonies of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Canada into a single entity still owned by Britain.

As an American, I feel like I have to point out that it seem’s like Canada is trying to steal our thunder by placing their holiday just before ours. And they weren’t even declaring independence. They are just celebrating that someone erased and drew some new lines on the map. They we’re still the British empires b#@ch. And they were happy about it. Or should I say aboot it?

Now our celebration, Independence Day, is a reason to celebrate. WE broke away from the British Empire to form our own country. That’s something to be proud of. Canada, I think you were just creating a holiday so you get an extra day off in the summer. But, through blogging, I have virtually met many Canadians and they could not be nicer. As a Canada Day gift to my to Canadian friends, and everyone else, the following links are to my favorite Canada posts over the last 13 years of #ThePhilFactor:

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So there you have it. All of those an ode to my love of Canada. Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends and as it is with St. Patrick’s Day, we are all a little Canadian today, aren’t we? Think of all the great things Canada has given us: Justin Bieber, Alex Trebek, and hockey in Las Vegas. Have a great Sunday!  ~Phil


7 responses to “Canada Has a Day?

  1. Yeah, but didn’t I just hear in the news that they burned down our White House a long time ago? What aboot that, eh? Gottta at least lose points for that and Alex Trebek, don’t they?

  2. Lol @ ‘aboot’. I follow a lady from Canada. Gigglingfattie. She’s great! Happy day to Canada ! 🇨🇦 I want to visit one day, my ancestry actually has connections to Canada. And right after that, kicked out and thrown to the swamps in Louisiana. 😂 😂

  3. Yeah, well, Mom still likes us best.

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  5. Hi Phil, I have devoted this week’s Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs to BUYB and have shared your link! Claire x

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