Good Morning! How Are You?

Seriously, good morning, happy Sunday and how are you doing? I’m trying something new. I just wanted to check in with everyone. No story or humorous opinion piece today. Let’s just check in with each other as people.

I know the pandemic is wearing thin on everyone’s patience, but in some ways I think it has also unified the world. I know that I get readers from all over the world, but often our experiences and perspectives are somewhat different because we live in different areas of the world. Different televisions shows, different music, different political climates, different daily news. We truly can’t really understand someone else’s perspective. But…the pandemic is one thing we all have in common. Everyone has experienced an impact on their lives because of the pandemic, and for most of us, it hasn’t been good. In the comments I’d like to hear how you’re holding up. Obviously I’ll tell you in my writing here, but why don’t we all read and reply to each other in the comments. Let’s offer emotional support and maybe even suggestions about how ways we’ve found to cope.

Oddly, due to a quirky situation with my job last January I had to start working from home two months before the rest of you started quarantining. Ironically, just two days before the first cases of Covid were found in a community just north of New York City, I had passed through that area while doing my job.

In May of last year I had to have my 83 year old father admitted to a memory care residence and haven’t been able to really visit him in person because of Covid. We had regular window visits until both winter and Covid hit his residence. I’m feeling some guilt that I can’t do more with him. He’s confused and frustrated about why he can’t go home, and I can’t even take him out to dinner or for a visit at my house.

My wife is not only a medical provider but she is also in active treatment for cancer, which impacts her immune system. I’m relieved however because this past week she received her second dose of the Covid vaccine. For the first nine months of the virus though it was a worry. And in the summer my son, who lives on the other side of the country had a serious ankle injury requiring surgery and I traveled to see him twice to help him out with medical appointments etc.

If you haven’t traveled during the pandemic, it’s definitely different. In the airports most of the stores and restaurants were closed or limited. None of the flights I took provided us with a real meal, only snacks. I didn’t really have any worries about increased exposure to the virus while traveling.  Everyone wore masks and the fight attendants provided us with disinfectant wipes. On only one flight were we packed in every seat like normal flights.

As if the impact of the virus wasn’t enough, in the United States, we couldn’t just do the pandemic, we had to add in seismic political upheaval. Hopefully everyone is tired of that and just decides to stay home.

So now, I’ve just started a new job, which is a very good thing, but I am expected to travel when there are customers that are willing to have me visit. I’m not worried about that or catching the virus. Honestly, I do worry a little, but only a little. I have irrational confidence in my immune system, but I do have to be realistic. I’m on the wrong side of 50 and naturally my immune system probably isn’t as strong as it was in my youth. I mask up everywhere I go and instead of the colorful and entertaining ties I used to wear, I’m going to try to find colorful and entertaining masks. My first memory association with the pandemic is the Netflix series Tiger King. How great was that? And how long ago does that seem now?

So that’s my pandemic story. What’s yours? And how are you holding up? Is there anything me or the blogging community can do to help? One thing I know that helps everyone’s spirits when we’re stressed is interaction with each other in the comments section on our blogs. Let’s try to do that a little more. As bloggers we are a unique community, so let’s pull together and look out for each other. Have a great Sunday! ~Phil

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  2. Great idea for a post!!

    All your fans, Phil, yet no comments yet. I suspect it is because your readers don’t want to be seen as complaining when so many are going through tragedy from this, with loss of spouses, children, or homes due to illness-related job loss and uncovered medical costs.

    So let me be first to not complain. I have a roof, heat, and food. A phone and internet access. Books. All the streaming wanted. A language to continue studying. The outdoors to walk in. Some friends still willing to walk out there with me. A life to be envied, mostly.

    As an Asperger’s human-hating curmudgeon with no family, the increased social isolation, for me, ain’t no thang. From what I’ve seen of neurotypical behaviour these last four years, the more of you that stay indoors, the better. (Well, not YOU, Phil 😁.)

    It does bug me a bit that younger “non-vital” persons have managed to cut the line ahead of this Ancient-American (my preferred term). But meh: It’ll all be sorted out in the Great Sorting when Gabriel blows and tells those cheaters “You srsly blow.” 😂 Or in the Great Reincarnating, when they are their own giant gas-guzzling SUVs, and no one loves them any more. 😼

  3. How nice of you to check in, Phil. I’m glad your wife got a second dose. I’m in the compromised old fart classification and have yet to find a jab. So many have lined up that it is useless. I’m just going to wait until there is plenty before trying to find a shit. Oh wait! I have my bourbon so it won’t seem so long. Glad you are doing well.

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