It’s A Small World After All or Зрештою, це маленький світ

Yes, I named this post after the worst ride ever. I like the spirit and intention of the ride, but for cripes sake we don’t need to be trapped on a boat listening to kitschy robots dressed in borderline insulting international costumes designed in 1964 singing that awful song at us for 20 minutes!

The spirit and intention of the ride is to highlight the fact that despite differences in languages, customs, and locations, we are all not that different. Instead of the ride, my blog and the war in Ukraine has brought that point home to me.

I love to look at my blog stats. It never ceases to amaze me how many people from so many countries visit my blog. In February alone I had visitors from 69 different countries. After the United States, Canada and England, all English speaking countries, visitors from India were the next most prevalent. Why? I don’t know. Why would Canada’s Secret Foot Fetish कनाडा के गुप्त पैर बुत interest someone from India?

I realize that English is the most spoken language in the world, but what could my ridiculous blog posts mean to people from Nepal? I get regular visits from Nepal. Are monks in a monastery in the mountains of Nepal reading फिल कारक and enjoying my posts about Amish Sex Positions अमिश सेक्स पोजिसनहरू ?

This pic is from Go on, click that. It’s a real website

Or what about folks from China? What the heck could The Poop at Home People  家里人的便便 mean to them?  Or why are the nice people of Turkey wondering what are The Top Ten Psychic Pickup Lines İlk On Medyum Toplama Hattı ?

What it means is that it really is a small world after all. People on the other side of the world are looking up the same stupid stuff that we are. People are more similar than different. As Depeche Mode so famously said, “People are people, so why should it be you and I should get along so awfully?

Right now, some of those people that are just like us and who laugh at the same stupid stuff on the internet are under siege in the Ukraine.

Where I live, we have a substantial Ukrainian population. One of my wife’s best friends is worrying every day about whether her elderly parents will be able to escape to safety. Here in the States we can’t take the refugees into our homes, but we can donate to international organizations that are taking care of those that have have fled their country to stay alive. Here is the website for Amnesty International. If you feel sad and helpless when you watch the news, here’s one way you can make a difference. It is a small world and they need our help.


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  1. Especially in the troubled times we live in right now, people need to laugh. You let them do that.

  2. I also wonder why people in far away lands read my blog but then again I wonder why anyone at all reads my blog. I don’t even know why I write my blog. An exercise in futility, really.

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