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Top Ten Tuesday! The Top Ten “Celebrities” Who Really Aren’t

People who are famous for being famous without doing anything of skill or importance. As much as we mock them we all would probably take their improbable fame and fortune in a heartbeat.

10. Kardashian’s: I could have made up the whole list from them if I listed them individually.

9. Paris Hilton: Her family owns the hotel chain but why don’t we know any of their names?

8. Kato Kaelin: If you live in the States you know his name. The infamous O.J. Simpson house guest with the tragic mullet that was about 5 years past it’s prime.


7. Monica Lewinsky: You’ve got to give her credit for her guts. Hitting on the most powerful man in the world is a gutsy move. Now she’s in the press whining that she can’t get a job because of her notoriety. Boo freaking hoo. What did you think would happen?

6.  Snooki: The former Jersey Shore star is making a living off a few years of drinking and hooking up for the cameras. Big deal! We’ve all did that in our twenties.

5. Kelly Osbourne: It pays to be the daughter of a famous rocker. Just ask Liv Tyler.

4. Posh Spice: Had she not bended for Beckham we wouldn’t know her first name and she’d be a distant memory like all the other Spice Girls. Quick, what’s Scary Spice’s real name? What is she doing now? My point exactly.

3.  The Royal Family of England: They’re not actually governing the country so what do they do to deserve 24/7 media coverage?

2. Dr. Drew: He’s made a living off the misery and problems of the famous like some kind of psychiatric parasite. (picture credit: ROFLRAZZLE.com)


1. Hillary Clinton: Now I know you think I’m going to relate this to #6 but I’m not. Hillary Clinton my be the most famous wife ever. She gravy trained being the Governor’s wife into First Lady of the United States into Senator then to Secretary of State into author and Presidential candidate. If she left Bill I’d have a lot more respect for her, but she stayed for her own political gain.

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