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Funny(?) Memories of Meat Loaf the singer, not the dinner

The singer Meat Loaf, also known to his family as Michael Lee Aday passed away last week at the age of 74, reportedly due to Covid. Meat Loaf’s heyday was in the late 70’s and early 80’s. He wasn’t just a singer. He was an entertainer who had a big personality and always put on a show no matter what he was doing.

He was also an actor in Fight Club and cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Since his passing I learned from a Facebook group page that he had a presence at my undergraduate alma mater before and after I went there. Here are some very entertaining comments from that Facebook page:

“Meat performed as a cast member for The National Lampoon Show on Sept. 25, 1975…I remember a big, sweaty guy that had an incredible presence.” 

Just heard the news that Meatloaf passed. Anyone here remember the “Meatloafing” of  Meatloaf at TKE Springfest, 1991?”

I was there, I knew who threw the meatloaf. Meatloaf smashed the backstage toilet after being hit.”

I was there. I know who threw it. The song playing was of course “Paradise…”. Meatloaf got hit and stormed off. Meatloaf came back on, invited the person who threw the meatloaf to come up on stage where he would “@#$& him up…

I was there. My now ex-husband lost his keys in the pond during Meatloaf’s set.” 

I thought he performed at Dirt Day. I believe it was 1987 or 88′. Someone beaned him in the head with a frisbee and he was done!

“…must have been 87  cause that was the year I graduated. thought it was a salt shaker…

“…it was 90 and it was a burger

He’s a good guy and didn’t deserve that.

You’re right. He didn’t. We were all young, and most of us pretty stupid back then.”

“(Person’s name) baked a meatloaf the night before Springfest and strategically threw it at Meatloaf during his performance.”

I didn’t realize anyone knew who did it. Just remember flying meat.”

Obviously, there was no love lost between Meat Loaf and the State University of New York at Oswego. The two comments that cracked me up the most were the woman who just commented that her husband had lost his keys in the pond and this: “Just remember flying meat.”  To be clear, I was not at any of his performances at my college and I’ve never thrown meat at anyone.

Have a great Sunday and just remember flying meat. I want that on a t-shirt. ~Phil