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Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Reasons I Should Be The New “Most Interesting Man in the World”

MostInteresting Meme

As most of you have heard, Dos Equis is retiring the original Most Interesting Man in the World, played by actor Jonathan Goldsmith, in favor of a younger version. Obviously, since I’m not yet occupied with being the President, or Sexiest Man Alive, whichever comes first, I hereby nominate myself as the new Most Interesting Man in the World. Here are my ten reasons why :

Most Interesting2

10. I once visited the Virgin Islands. Now they’re just called The Islands.

9. You know how some camels still have two humps? Yeah, I’m getting to them.

8. When God created the Earth, he took Sunday off to rest. Slacker. I would never do that.

mostinteresting3 (2)

7. I don’t aspire to travel in time. Time aspires to travel to me.

6. Donald Trump nominated me for President.

5. The London Eye is looking at me. All the time.

4. You know how the Earth hasn’t been destroyed by a giant comet since pre-historic times? You’re welcome. 


3. Taylor Swift does not write break up songs about me. I write break up songs about Taylor Swift. 

2. There’s no such thing as global warming. The world’s temperature just goes up when I work out.

1. When I found The Great wall of China it was just called The Wall of China.

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