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Top Ten Tuesday! The Ten Worst Candies Ever Made


10. Zit Poppers: I don’t know if they taste good or bad, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to eat them.


9. Ear Wax Candy: This seems like a great way to teach kids to eat things that come out of their own bodies. A parent’s nightmare.


8. White Chocolate Maggots: I love white chocolate. The only thing that would stop me from eating these is the fact that you need a can opener to get them.

7. Black Licorice and jelly beans: I don’t know who you nuts are that eat this, but who wants candy that tastes like Ouzo.


6. Mary Jane candy: Every year I went trick or treating for Halloween at least one of these ended up in my bag. Now I have kids, and every year they went trick or treating one of these is in their bag. Where do they come from? They look like they were made in the 1920’s. Who is handing these out? I’m pretty sure it’s Satan.

download (32)

5. Sugar Daddy’s: This is a great candy if you like to pull out teeth and/or fillings.

download (33)

4.  Necco Wafers: Guess what? I love these but I included them because I realize that the rest of the world hates them.


3. Good & Plenty: Ugh.

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2. Circus Peanuts: Another one I love that everyone else hates. I think these should be their own food group.


1. Swinkles Salsaghetti: This comes from a Spanish speaking country so maybe it’s normal there. Trust me, there was one far worse than this that I chose not to include because it was in such poor taste that even my blog rejected it.

So are there any on the list you think shouldn’t be? Are there candies you know of that should be on the list but aren’t?

Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil