Throwback Thursday! The First Rule of Phil Club Is…

I went back to June of 2013 to pull this from the archive. You can only join Phil Club if your name is Phil Taylor. (I’ve added some pictures and links to spruce it up)

President Phil

“Gentlemen, or should I say, Phil Taylor? Welcome! Welcome to Phil Club. I suppose you’re all wondering why I’ve gathered you here today. This, (holding my arm sweeping it around to encompass the room)  is Phil Club. The first rule of Phil Club is that you talk about Phil Club.”

Phil Taylor, Sports Illustrated writer: “Wait, wait wait. In Fight Club the first rule of Fight Club was that you don’t talk about Fight Club.

Me: “I’ll cut you some slack because you’re new. Did I say this was Fight Club? No, I said Phil Club. Phil Club is a gathering of all the talented and powerful Phil Taylors from around the world. Phil Taylor is an esteemed name that for generations has been the moniker for more famous and creative people than any other single name. We talk about Phil Club because it’s awesome! We’re awesome!”

Phil “The Power” Taylor, world’s best darts player: Excuse me mate, but I was told there would be bangers and mash  ‘ere. I’m not staying if I can’t eat.


Me: (exaggerated sigh) Listen ‘mate’, don’t get your bollocks all up in a knot. We’ll get to the food, but not before we get to our main order of business. Since darts isn’t even a real sport you’re lucky I let you in Phil Club at all.

Phil “The Power” Taylor: Hey wait a minute! You…

Me: Call me back when it’s in the Olympics, dart boy.

Phil Taylor, Cleveland Browns nose tackleWhat’s the second rule of Phil Club?

Me: Aaah! Finally a wise soul amongst us. Well, besides me I mean. Thank you Phil. The 2nd rule of Phil Club is that with great swag comes great responsibility. It is incumbent upon each Phil Taylor not to embarrass the family. By the way Phil, how many Pro Bowls have you made it to?

Phil Taylor, Cleveland Browns: Hey, that’s not fair. I’ve only played two years.

Me: Security!

Phil ‘The Philthy Animal’ Taylor, Motorhead drummerI’m with Phil. When do we get to the fish and chips I was promised?

Me: Oh great.  Another Brit. You guys gotta stop watching Harry Potter. You’re all starting to sound the same. It’s driving me completely barmy. We’ll get through our rules and then pick a nominee and we’ll eat alright?

Phil Taylor, Sports Illustrated writer: So what are the rest of the Phil Club rules? I was promised a jumbo shrimp buffet and I’ve got a deadline.

Me: Phil, you’re damn right you’ve got a deadline. I expect a complete write up of Phil Club in Sports Illustrated this week. Rule #3 of Phil Club is that  all Phil Taylors should follow each other on Twitter and retweet everything all the other Phils post. That way, at some point Twitter will be nothing but Phil Taylor stuff. First we conquer Twitter and then the world!

Phil Taylor, Sports Illustrated: This is stupid! I’m not writing about Phil Club in Sports Illustrated.

Me: No shrimp for you! Now to our final order of business we need a nominee to run for President. Not of Phil Club, but of the United States. Any suggestions?

Phil Taylor, Cleveland Browns: Yeah, I vote that we vote you out of Phil Club. You’re kind of a jerk. Anyone else agree?

Phil Taylors: (Raucous cheering and shouts fill the room)  Here, here! Get rid of him! Security!

Me: (Security takes me by the arms and begins to drag me away from the podium) You can’t do this! Don’t you know who I am! I’m Phil Taylor! (dragged from the room to the sounds of thousands of Phil Taylors cheering and eating.)

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Wordless Wednesday! Can You Guess What This Is?

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Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Real Facts About Greenland

Remember last weeks Top Ten Possibly True Facts about Greenland? I know this may come as a shock to you, but I made most of those up. What I learned, based on comments to that post is that you and I know very little about Greenland, except that Greenlanders don’t visit our blogs very much. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. I reached out to Greenland and found Sarah Woodall. Many years ago Jane Goodall went to live with the gorillas to understand them. Sarah Woodall, an American,  went to live with the Greenlanders for the same purpose, but hopefully with less nit picking. Sarah is an International Relationship Manager for Visit Greenland and after seeing last weeks Top Ten she offered this awesome Top Ten of real facts about Greenland.

 10. People live in Greenland! 55,984 of them. They’re not Eskimos, but they are Greenlanders, and Thai, and Americans, and French, Spaniards, Danes, Australians, Scots, Norwegians, Swedes, Finns, Poles, Canadians, Germans, and Saudi Arabians. The capital city, Nuuk, has just under 17000 residents.
9. Fish food: The Greenlandic diet relies heavily on locally-sourced land and sea animals! A freezer can be filled with cod, char, halibut, shrimp, capelin, reindeer, lamb, muskox, seal, walrus, whale and polar bear – much of it self-caught. These same ingredients are turned into beautifully-crafted gastronomic experiences in restaurants. A reliance on hunting and fishing is one aspect of life where tradition still overpowers modernity, for personal preference and practical reasons.
More info: Greenland Gastronomy page on

 8. Greenland is green! The old tale that Viking explorers cheekily switched the names of Greenland and Iceland wasn’t totally misleading. In the 20% of the landmass that is not covered by glacier, there is place enough for quite varied plant life. In particular, South Greenland is the garden of Greenland. It is filled with green valleys, blooming flowers, an arboretum, and even small farms growing strawberries, lettuces, radishes, and potatoes, though not nearly enough to support even Greenland’s small population.
7. Owning pet dogs is forbidden in some parts of Greenland! North of the Arctic Circle on the west coast and everywhere on the east coast, people keep Greenlandic sled dogs as working dogs, and nothing can jeopardize their extremely pure blood line. The Greenlandic dog has a resistance to cold that lets them stay outdoors 365 days a year. Elsewhere in Greenland where there is no sea ice, and thus no need for sled dogs (like the capital region and in South Greenland), people own many other traditional breeds of dogs.
6. There are no chains in Greenland! Leave your Starbucks card at home and save your Hilton points for another holiday. In Nuuk, the capital, there are a few Scandinavian retail stores like Matas, Jysk, and Elgiganten, but the other retail stores, hotels, coffee shops, and restaurants in the country are small businesses. In the small settlements there is usually only one central store where one can buy something.
Check out the Nuuk Center website to get an idea of some of the retail options in Nuuk, Greenland.
Nuuk Center Mall

Nuuk Center Mall

 5. There is no private land ownership in Greenland! When you go scrambling on the rocks by the coastline to find a good sunset outlook, or when you go walking in the hills for an afternoon, you don’t have to worry that you’re trespassing on someone’s property. But do abide by the unspoken code of conduct to not litter and to give respectful distance around people’s homes.
4. The Nuuk you saw portrayed in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was NOT Greenland! It was Iceland. Some of the elements were as realistic as possible – like the name of the bar actually has a true meaning in Greenlandic – but those who know Greenland could pick out dozens of incorrect elements – like the sidewalk construction and the fact that jet planes cannot land at Nuuk Airport.
3. Greenland is accessible year round! If you’re Icelandic or Danish, there are direct flights to Greenland via Air Greenland and Air Iceland. If you’re not, then a connection via Reykjavík or Copenhagen gets you to Greenland. These flights are year round so whether it’s the winter northern lights or the summer midnight sun that draws you north, you can get here!
Check out my How to Get to Greenland blog post.

2. Muskox wool from Greenland is nicer than cashmere! Called qiviut in Greenlandic, muskox wool yarn is spun from the inner fur of a muskox and made into clothing and accessories like hats, scarves, and even baby clothes. It is extremely warm, providing healing effects for those with arthritis, and it softer than cashmere! Nearly all the muskox wool yarn production in Greenland comes from a female business team in the towns of Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut.
1. The Greenland Ice Sheet is one of only two ice sheets in the world and the only one with an indigenous population! The other ice sheet is Antarctica, and it just has a mass of penguins. In some places, the Greenland Ice Sheet is 3 km / 2 mi thick – that’s like 10 Eiffel Towers stacked on top of each other! You can take guided glacier walking tours to the ice sheet to experience this mammoth geologic feature for yourself!
Sarah, thank you so much for your entertaining and informative Top Ten list. Guess what folks, we’re not done with Greenland yet, and I’ll need your help. Sarah has agreed to come back for a Friday interview, so I’ll need some questions. I know what I want to ask her, but if you have questions for her about living in Greenland please put them in the comments today and I’ll include them.

Music Monday! The Mockers

As a continuation of my Friday interview with actor/producer/musician Robbie Rist, here’s an absolutely hilarious song by the band, The Mockers, that Robbie is in with his friends Seth Gordon and Tony Leventhal. Give it a listen, it’s really funny.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

6 Questions with Brady Bunch/TMNT/Sharknado star Robbie Rist!


For my readers who don’t know Robbie’s name off the top of your head, you no doubt have seen or heard him in something. Over the last forty years Robbie has been quietly woven into the fabric of American pop culture like few others. If you haven’t seen him in a movie or TV show, you’ve probably heard his voice as a cartoon character dating back to his work as Michelangelo for the 80’s cartoon and 1990 movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or the Final Fantasy X video game or more recently as Stuffy for the Disney channel’s Doc McStuffins.  He’s also appeared in too many shows and movies for me to list here.  Even better though, he has an awesome rock band, The Ballzy Tommorow! What gave me the idea to contact him for the interview was when it occurred to me recently that he has been part of two of the most iconic pop culture phenomena of my lifetime, The Brady Bunch, and Sharknado.


Phil: Robbie, welcome to The Phil Factor and thank you for taking a few minutes for my readers. When you got the part as the bus driver in Sharknado, what did you expect would be the public reaction to the movie?
Robbie: Well, I had heard about the poster for the movie from a friend who had gone to the American Film Market here in Santa Monica (The AFM is like a micro Cannes. People try to sell films there) and both of us being genre fans, we kinda lost our minds at the thought of it. I have said that the title of Sharknado says more in three syllables than A Trip To Bountiful does in 6. Then I found out my friend Anthony C. Ferrante was offered it. Anthony and I were working on music for another of his films when he told me he was offered it and I told him, “I don’t know why or how, but I really think you should do this movie. Something about it feels…….like something….”. So, I guess I thought the response would be pretty great, considering the way people reacted to the name. I wasn’t expecting Twitter to explode over it…..


Phil: You obviously were absolutely right. The name caught my eye and ear and I decided, good or bad, I had to see it. Doing music for movie soundtracks isn’t your only musical outlet. Could you tell us about your band? What kind of music do you play? What has been your best gig?

Robbie: Well, we have gone through a name change after losing an original member (Pandora’s bassist/drummer Karen Basset) so now we call ourselves Ballzy Tomorrow! As far as style, I have pretty much been doing the same kind of pop/country/psych thing for decades. It’s that kind of power pop music no one likes but I get a kick out of it. Best gig ever was playing The Rally in The Alley in Buffalo NY in the 80s. It was, like 20,000 people. Played with Spirit. Fun day.

images (36)
Phil: Aww,  it’s too bad I didn’t know about it. At the time I lived about ninety miles east of Buffalo and could have come out to see your band. If Ballzy Tomorrow, The Mockers, or the band you produce every come out East, let me know. Robbie, You’ve had a very diverse career. What’s your favorite thing you’ve done?

Robbie: Tough to say. I just like to make stuff. I mean, I am super proud to have been a part of so many things that hit the zeitgeist super hard like The Brady Bunch and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But I think I am most proud of Doc McStuffins. Apparently it is set to cause a spike ion the amount of young women (specifically African American young women) who go into studying the sciences, especially medicine. Considering that almost every cartoon on the planet, McStuffins included, is in existence to primarily sell toys, I would call this a solid fight from the inside victory.


Phil: When Sharknado just blew up and became this huge thing, did anything changed for you?

Robbie: Well, not as far as my bank account goes, but some really great stuff happened like…..I had never had one of my songs re-mixed before.

Also, some young people did a vocalese version of the theme (which I couldn’t find). So, did I get more work out of it? Not really. But sometimes art is its own reward. Some people really reacted favorably to it.

Phil: The Brady Bunch and Cousin Oliver. How do you feel about people bringing that up constantly?

Robbie: Great! Hey. It’s on the resume. I respect the right of somebody to not want to be bothered but I don’t get that considering most people become performers to get attention.


Phil: We know what you’ve done and what you’re doing. What’s coming up for you in television or movies? Where and when is your band playing next?

Robbie: The band is actually two bands. We do songs that we write but we also do a weekly half 70’s tribute band/ half live band karaoke thing at a restaurant out in Moorpark California called Red Ball’s Rock and Roll Pizza. Happens every Friday. It’s pretty out of control. The original band plays a once a month residency at Canter’s Kibitz Room in Los Angeles.

I just finished three songs for the Sharknado 3 soundtrack!

Phil: Yes, you heard him right folks, if you haven’t followed my Twitter or Instagram, there will be a Sharknado 3 this summer! So, besides creating awesome music for awesome movies, what else?

Robbie: I have also been doing some comedy writing and performing with an artist out here named Lisa Orkin. She has a website called that is a comedic relationship thing. Every week we do these little minute long audio bits based on her real dating life. She’s pretty much a genius.

I also have a (what we hope is) comedic talk podcast called The Spoon which can be found at

I’m gonna be producing a band from Barcelona in a couple of months called Suzy & Los Quattro. This will be my third go around with them. I’m also gonna be on an acoustic tour of Spain in October with my friend Seth Gordon from The Mockers

(Hey folks, don’t worry, The Mockers and Suzy & Los Quattro will be my next two Music Monday features ~Phil)

Robbie: As far as the acting side, I just won the gig as Mondo Gecko in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. Doc McStuffins is going into its last year so…….I have no idea what is gonna come next. It seems to always be something…..I guess I can always go back to college…….


Phil: Awesome! Congrats on the Mondo Gecko role and congrats on the continued success of all your music ventures. Thank you again for taking the time you did. In the future, anything you’re working on has a home on #ThePhilFactor. If you want to follow Robbie on social media you can find him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Also you can support Robbie by watching Sharknado 3 on  Wed. July 22 on the SyFy network and by downloading the Sharknado soundtrack.

TBT! Two Phils are Better than One! Or Are They?

(06/28/2014) Doppelganger: German for “double walker”, a shadow self that is thought to accompany every person. Some believe that only someone who knows the original person can also see the Doppelganger. Still others subscribe to the “evil twin” theory that doppelgangers behave in a manner directly opposite to the original person.


That picture is allegedly of a Civil War soldier who looks like Nicholas Cage. Yikes, the possibility of two Nicholas Cages making movies is frightening!

As of this writing, the world population is roughly 7,243,171,955. Is it possible that somewhere out there is another carbon copy of each of us? Are they living a parallel life somewhere else? Or, if each of us has both male and female genes, could we have a doppelganger of the opposite sex? Do we ever meet or see our own doppelganger? If we did and they were the opposite sex, would we be attracted to them? Would they be our “soul mate”? Or would it be more of a brother/sister feeling?

If the “evil twin” theory holds true, what do we do, knowing that the more good we do in life, the more evil our doppelganger will perpetrate? If we save a life, our doppelganger would take a life. If you met your evil twin, what would you do if you knew they were evil? If your evil twin is bent on destroying you, could you kill your own doppelganger? Would doing so destroy you both? Do we need a doppelganger? A balance? A cosmic yin and yang that makes the world go round?

How do we know that we are actually not the doppelganger? The shadow self for someone else? Could you be the evil twin and not know it? I wonder if my doppelganger is out there writing a blog too? What if he’s writing a blog about his embarrassing doppelganger that he hates? I doubt it. I imagine that me and my doppelganger would each think the other is awesome and we’d hang out. Talk about the ultimate wingman! This whole thing gives me a serious novel idea. I got dibs, so don’t even think about it. And if I did have a female doppelganger, you know she would be really hot. What would you do if you met your doppelganger? Do you think you’d like them?

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Wordless Wednesday: Aurora Borealis Over Greenland


From the end of September to the middle of April, an incredible six to seven months, is aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, season in Greenland. That picture isn’t a fake. I’ve never been to #Greenland but I have been fortunate to see aurora borealis three times in my life and one was a really big one. The only other natural phenomena as incredible is a great sunset. And yes, I am still shamelessly trying to lure someone from Greenland to my blog. BTW, come back Friday. I have a GREAT guest interview. Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil