Maybe I’m Edward Snowden: Fun with Search Terms


Remember how everyone was all upset about Snowden’s revelation that the government could be looking into all our online activity? If it upset you when the government was doing it, I wonder how you’d feel if say…somebody like me was doing it?

Here is a list of some of the best search terms of the last three months that brought people to #ThePhilFactor with my commentary on some of them.

Men with a scorpion tattoo in his ass: I swear this probably isn’t referring to me. In 2011 I  wrote a post called “The Man with the Scorpion Tattoo

Angry jokes about Candy Crush: This is only a partial list. Sadly, Candy Crush was the most frequent topic that lead people to my blog. They must have been so disappointed. My Candy Crush post from earlier this year is the reason.

Philthy Animal Taylor 2013: People always mistake me for the old Motorhead drummer


I always feel like Obama watching me: Dude, seriously, lighten up. Obama has bigger things to worry about.

The world can be amazing when you’re a slightly strange author: This one is by far my favorite. I have no idea what algorithm Google has that made it decide I was the answer to this search, but I love it.

Reasons to hate Oprah: Really? Someone needs to look up reasons?

Beware the Canadian Twitter Invasion: This is the title of my favorite post of 2013. It will definitely make it into the sequel to Fifty Shades of Phil

Amish hats cooler: I luv me some Amish!

TSA bicep check: Well of course I was the answer to this search!

Sarcastic birthday cards for an aunt: Hmmm…a Phil Factor line of sarcastic greeting cards. That sounds like a great idea. Cha-ching!

Horniestintheland I’m not sure whose blog this is, but I just bought the domain name. Just because.

Phil Factor movie: Shhhh….I’m not supposed to say anything until the deal with the studio is finalized.

Drake Justin Phil: I wonder if Drake and the Biebs are looking at their blog info and thinking, “Cool, I was included in a search with Phil!”

First person to beat Candy Crush: I’m not saying I was the first, but I’m not saying I wasn’t. You know how modest I can be.

I’m sorry to have disappointed you if you were looking for my usual Throwback Thursdays post. I’ll return to posting my weekly re-run next week. As always, if you got a laugh out of #ThePhilFactor please check out my books and hit the Facebook and Twitter share buttons below. See you Saturday!

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  1. Every time I look at my search terms, it makes me wonder what in the world is happening to humanity! LOL

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