The Phil Factor, Now in 3-D! (and the extra D is Free!)

That’s right! Thanks to the new, space-age technology of the 3-D printers The Phil Factor is now in 3-D! And because I’ve made so much money from the sales of my books, I can afford to give you the extra D for free. Be honest, how many of you have yearned to hear me say that?

From now on, as long as you have a laptop or tablet with a 3-D screen you’ll be able to see The Phil Factor with width, height and depth. Just for fun I’ll be putting in pictures that look like they’re reaching out of the page at you, like this one:


Imagine if you could make anything you want, at home. 3-D, or three dimensional printers, are revolutionizing the way scientists, doctors and others think about the world. If you can imagine it, “it” can probably be made with a 3-D printer. Scary thought huh?

What is 3-D printing exactly? I read an article that gave a good, understandable explanation. Basically, if you can create a three dimensional model on your computer and you have your computer hooked to a 3-D printer, you can make anything that you have the raw material for. Then I did some research and discovered that if that raw material is human cells, you could basically make a whole new human. They’re already using this technology and have successfully created ears, noses, bladders, arteries, and skin, though most of them aren’t yet approved for use.

Ha Ha! The age of the androids is upon us! Before you know it, fake people will be running around and we won’t know if people are androids or “regular” humans unless they tell us. And guess what? You know how the world often struggles with social injustices and discrimination against women, people of different races or religions, and more recently people of differing sexual orientations? How are we going to figure out what is or isn’t discrimination against androids? Can humans marry androids? Can androids marry each other? Should an android couple be allowed to adopt a human baby? Man, the next century is going to be fun, isn’t it? Good thing that I’ll be there to see it because my 3-D printer will make me new body parts when the old ones wear out.


If I was at the Republican candidate debate the other night I’d have raised my hand and asked Donald Trump that question. Although I don’t think he would worry about androids because I’m pretty sure that his hair is artificially generated. So, here’s a serious question that I want to see some genuine responses to in the comments; when I am inevitably elected President, or Sexiest Man Alive, whichever comes first, what, if any, laws do you think there should be around this technology? Or if in the future we are able to use stem cells to create humans with a 3-D printer, what should be the laws, if any,  applicable to them?

Food for thought. Who knew I was so deep? Have a great Saturday!~Phil

7 responses to “The Phil Factor, Now in 3-D! (and the extra D is Free!)

  1. All this talk of technology
    Is a bit too deep to me
    All I know is that I’ll be
    Reincarnated in 3D!

  2. Some people should be created with a zip on their mouth I think. Pass that one please!

  3. Oh, hadn’t thought of all this, Phil. You’re right! It is even more scary to think of all this when you realize we still haven’t gotten a governing body to handle the Internet yet!

  4. It’s already pretty scary to think about what can be made with a 3-D printer. You think the battle over gun laws is intense? How about I just make a gun with my printer and some ammo to go with it. Try regulating that.

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