Is It Time To Stop The Olympics?

Yes, you read that right. I believe that the Olympics may not be relevant any longer. I believe that without significant changes, the Olympics should not go on. Also, in addition to my perpetual candidacies for President and Sexiest Man Alive, that I should also be head of the International Olympic Committee.


Here are the reasons I think the Olympics need are no longer relevant:

Performance Enhancing Drugs: Steroids, blood doping or Human Growth Hormone are like picking your nose. Everyone in the Olympics does it but no one wants to admit it. This year they almost disqualified the entire Russian team. Recently they re-tested urine samples from the 2012 games and found a bunch more athletes that were on performance enhancers. Either let everybody use them, or get better testing.

Four regular locations: How many times do we have to hear that this city or that isn’t ready for the Olympics, or that the housing, facilities etc are substandard? Remember the smog in China, the lack of snow in Sochi, or the Zika virus in Rio? They need to pick four major cities. Two in the northern hemisphere, two southern,  two on one side of the globe and two on the other. Then they rotate the Olympics through those four locations that are always up to standards. And security? I hope I’m not being pre-cognizant here, but with the rise in terror incidents, the security at an Olympics has to be a nightmare. If it’s in a regular location they can have security that’s appropriate and controllable.


Stop with the weird sports: Just put real sports in the Olympics. Rhythmic gymnastics is just gymnastics for people who are afraid of heights. Ice dancing? Please. While it may take skill, it’s not a sport. Dressage, horse jumping, is an Olympic sport? I only want to see that if it’s people jumping over horses. The trampoline is a sport? No it’s not.

The Olympics are for amateurs? It’s been decades since the Olympics included amateurs. Gone are the stories of the kid from a remote town practicing relentlessly and rising up through national competitions to surprise everyone by making it to the world’s biggest stage. Now, in every country, the Olympic caliber athletes are identified when they’re young and sent away to train with professional coaches for years. They get housing, food, clothing, and training paid for. They’re professionals before they hit puberty.


The Opening Ceremonies? Please. They’re millions of dollars or euros wasted on a tired old combination of a high school musical and a football game halftime show. Save that money, donate it to world hunger and let the athletes just show up and compete.

What do you think? Do you agree with me, or do you think I’m a complete Scrooge on this topic? Have a great Saturday! ~ Phil

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  1. I think the 4 permanent locations is an excellent idea. I think the IOC is corrupt, the selection process for host cities is corrupt, and the Olympics have become less about sport and all about money.

    I agree about professionals in the Olympics … Back to my comment about money. The landscape started to change when athletes could accept corporate sponsorships.

    And finally the IOC was in a position to make a bold statement about doping with the recent fiasco with the Russian athletes. What did they chose to do? Nothing. They allowed each Federation to make their own determination. Way to cop out of taking a hard stand, IOC.

    I don’t have issues for what they decide to allow in the Olympic Games. Every sport/skill has their fans and haters. They could put tiddlywinks in there for all I care … But let’s call the Games what they really are – a 2 week commercial for corporations who have paid millions for their “official sponsorship”.

  2. Excellent ideas! I always bitch about the Olympic sports they include. It should be limited to the original Olympic sports, then they could just keep it in Greece! 😜

  3. Hi Phil interesting thoughts however I really only agree with you on the point about real sports. It is extremely random regarding what sports are deemed sports and event worthy. I just learned lacross isn’t an Olyimpic sport. Regarding dopping and drugging – the world is filled with cheats, ethical behavior is on the individual and the country. Regarding locations, while I agree it is a security nightmare, I think it is a great opportunity to showcase other parts of the world and in theory bring revenue to many poor countries I mean corrupt governments. I do think the IOC is spurious at best. But the world and life is all about politics and corruption so why should the Olympics be any different. I do enjoy seeing the high level of athleticism and I actually enjoyed the budget version of the opening ceremony last night until I fell asleep at 9 pm. Lol Thanks for playing!

  4. I’m with you on this one all the way Phil. I finally gave up on this wasteful farce wrapped up in a pretty package with Sochi. So much graft, cheating, nepotism, and corruption of all kinds, all for one thing: $$$$$$$

    • I completely agree with you norm. It was this year with all of the nonsense surrounding radio that I decided it’s time to give up on the Olympics as this pure amateur competition. The world is completely international now and these athletes each other and compete with her every other week all over the globe. The Olympics are no longer necessary.

  5. I stopped watching the Olympics years ago. Occasionally I might tune in to watch the USA gymnasts, but other than that, it’s boring.

  6. The Olympics come every two years
    And do you think it’s awful
    That all I think is I can’t wait
    Til TV goes back to normal

  7. I agree Phil. One more item. The sports ought to be the original and the costumes ought to be the same.

  8. How about pro Olympians with an Olympic season. You could follow your teams, wear their colors, have your own fantasy teams, and Olympic parties each week. Advertisers would love it.

  9. A while back on my blog, I wrote a piece about fixing the Olympics (link withheld because I’m not a blogdick). But you may very well be on to something.

  10. I’m sorry I have to disagree. With all that is going on with North Korea this is an amazing time for peace and hard work. The South Korean and North Korean Skating teams have bonded in a way that they couldn’t have done without the games. They almost never interact or encounter with each other and this has all changed. All of the teams around the world have bonded. Personally, I think the games are more relevant than ever with all that is going on in the world. Yes there are some issues with the system, one that I find very relevant is the fact that American’s go to other countries based on the fact (for example) that maybe a family member was born in Italy and they can perform for Italy. I don’t agree with that loophole but the games should never be stopped for those insignificant reasons, ever. I’d love to hear what you have to say 🙂
    ~Artsyteen @

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