Top Ten Tuesday! The Ten Dumbest Fads of the Last 20 Years

This list is all my ideas. If you can think of some that I’ve forgotten, please feel free to share in the comments. If I get enough, I’ll make another list and credit the contributors.

10. Virtual Pets: Remember these stupid things? You had to fake feed and fake care for a little digital animal. Those were popular for a summer, but every kid had one. Anybody’s pet still alive?

9. The man bun: Not once has anyone ever said, “Check out the awesome man bun on him. ”

8. Occupy… Wall Street, Washington, London etc. Remember this thing from about 10 years ago? A bunch of people with nothing better to do just walked down to a random city square and camped out there for a couple months. No one is sure what they were protesting or when it ended. Everyone just wandered off and lost interest.

7. The Macarena: Catchy song, stupid dance. I can proudly say that I’ve never once attempted it.

6. Planking: I’m referring not to the exercise for your abs, but the idiotic fad where idiots would lay somewhere like they were a board. Not funny, ever.

5. Flash Mobs: So wait, you want me to spend my free time learning a dance so me and 50 other people can surprise your friend? Yeah, I’ll get right on that.

4. The Mannequin Challenge: I’m not sure what the challenge was, except resisting the urge to punch friends or co-workers who want you to take a hilarious picture of them pretending they’re frozen.

3. E-readers: I love my Amazon Kindle more than anyone. In fact, I haven’t read a physical book in over 9 years, but I have to admit I was wrong. I really believed that actual books made from trees would be a thing of the past by now.

2. Dabbing: I’m sure that scene is why Hillary lost the election. I’m not sure why pretending to sneeze into your elbow became a fad.

1. YOLO: Yeah, thanks Drake. Funny story about Yolo. Until the other day I had never said Yolo, then I was forced to. I was on the phone with a customer service rep. You know how when they read you a series of numbers and letters they’ll say something like, “So that number is 3, 2, Z as in Zebra, C as in Cat, then 8-1-9. Is that correct?” On my call I had to read him the serial number. And there was a letter Y in the sequence and not knowing their idiotic code, the only thing I could think of for Y was Yolo, so I said it, and he laughed.

Can you think of any other fads from the last 20 years that deserve inclusion on this list? Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil


16 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! The Ten Dumbest Fads of the Last 20 Years

  1. For the love of all that’s holy
    Stop LOL and emojis!

  2. So funny how fads come and go. Maybe a new one would be Folo. (Fads only live once)

  3. Oh damn, I was going to leave a bunch of emojis and lol’s. I will rush over to Marrisa and leave them there. 😈

  4. What a great list!! I have not participated in any, save for the e reader. I got it as a gift. I have not used it often and still prefer physical books.

  5. Pet rock. I think I skipped mine over some lake somewhere 😮

  6. Great list, Phil. I would add yoga pants to the list. They are questionable attire even if you are actually doing yoga but were never meant to be worn as pants in the real world. Morphed into ‘leggings’ they are not a good look for the buxom or the toothpick, revealing too much of a good thing. I have to agree with United Airlines for banning the girls with leggings and I am appalled that my workplace allows them but won’t leg me wear perfectly decent jeans. Even on casual Friday. Which is another dumb fad. Friday doesn’t need any help since we feel casual no matter what we wear. The day of the week that needs help is Monday. The world would be a better place if we wore jeans on Monday when we can barely maneuver out of bed to brush our teeth. Let’s hear it for casual Monday! But no leggings please.

  7. I think it’s starting to fade away a bit – the designation of preferences as “Team This” or “Team That.” Are you Team Salty or Team Sweet? Team Ritz or Team Townhouse. Yes, I have a preference. No, I don’t care enough to declare myself part of a “team!”

  8. I have an entire post dedicated to the idiocy of man buns. Couldn’t agree more.

  9. I agree with dabbing! So stupid. Thank God, according to my 12 year old “Dabbing is so 2016!” But I LOVE flash mobs! I would so do one! 🕺 🕺 🕺 Available for a flash mob up here in Minnesota. (Your blog gets way more viewers. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to put that out there!)

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