Throwback Thursday! My Psychic Predictions for 2017

This is not me, but I’m considering the hairdo

(Jan. 1,2017) As I may have mentioned once or twice, my previous posts containing my psychic predictions for the upcoming years have been tremendously popular, and even more so when I get things right. So, back by popular demand, I will again contact the other realm with my minds eye to help provide you with a look ahead so you can plan your 2017 accordingly. Without further self-indulgent blathering, here are my psychic predictions for 2017:

The World Will Not End: This prediction often goes underrated, but I stand by it. A lot of psychics like to make headlines by predicting the end of the world. Not me. I want you to be reassured that next December you’ll be here reading my predictions for 2018. Ok, maybe not you, but some people will. Like I said, the world won’t end in 2017, but I can’t make any guarantees for you personally.


People Will Lose Interest in The Kardashians: Yes, the unthinkable will happen and the world, (except for one surprising person) will forget the entire family. Even Kanye West will lose interest and he and Kim will split amidst rumors that she has already moved on. In the world of reality television the Kardashian’s ratings will drop as viewers flock to a new reality TV sensation, possibly a a show about a psychic blogger.

The United Kingdom Will Try to “Un-Brexit”: First of all, I can’t wait to see the hashtag #Un-Brexit trending. That’s part of the prediction. In May the U.K. will try to beg it’s way back into the European Union by promising free Strongbow cider to all of Europe. While that might sway me, Europe refuses to allow the U.K.’s return unless they adopt the metric system and the Euro.


William and Kate will have twins: All of the U.K. and all the royal watchers in the States will completely lose their minds when Princess Kate Middleton gives birth to twins, one of which will be named Philip.

Kim Kardashian will fall for another: Shortly after her split with Kanye, Kim Kardashian will be caught with Prince Harry and again social media will again collectively lose their shit when the two become engaged to be married. The Queen will also pass away in 2017, and that may be related to this news.


Sorry that I’ve been vibing on the upcoming U.K. news. Let my try to hone in on something more local for my readers in the States:

Donald Trump will…(yes, you had to know there would be a Trump prediction) not be impeached as many are predicting, but he will step down from the Presidency when he discovers that it’s a real job and not nearly as fun as he thought it was. His resignation will occur via a tweet that says: You guys are jerks. I’m out. Sad!

Celebrity Deaths in 2017: Actress Betty White, Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee, and Queen Elizabeth. There will be others, but I don’t want to bum you out about those that will be taken from us too soon.

Celebrity Births in 2017: Now this is a tricky one. I’m not predicting which celebs will have children in 2017. I’m predicting the births of future celebrities.  In Terra Haute, Indiana a boy will be born that will, in 2048, be the first human to set foot on the surface of Mars. A girl will be born in Dallas and in 2037 she will become the biggest pop star ever. Beginning in 2035 her life will be followed live every minute of every day, including sleeping, on a social media platform invented by a young app developer who was born in San Francisco in 2014 to a couple who are currently working for Google. On January 1st 2017, a boy will be born in northern Florida, a suburb near Jacksonville, I’m feeling the name Caleb, and with the assistance of legal, accepted technological enhancements, will become the first “athlete” to win MVP awards in both the NFL and the Premier League in soccer/football in 2038 and 2039 respectively.

Scorecard Dec. 28, 2017: OK, back to the present. I’m writing this now. Let’s look at how I did. Prediction 1: True. The Earth and you and I are still here. Prediction 2: Less interest in the Kardashian’s? Subjectively, there does seem to be far less Kardashian news than this time a year ago. Also, scroll back to the picture under the Kardashian prediction. It’s Kim with Prince Harry. He didn’t fall for Kim, but Prince Harry did fall for a diminutive, dark haired, American TV personality. You’ve got to admit, I was pretty damn close. Prediction 3. U.K. will try to Un-Brexit. There are still folks in the U.K. trying to undo this, so it still may happen. My prediction of #UnBrexit being a hashtag on Twitter did come true. You can CLICK THIS to see if you don’t believe me. Prediction 4. William and Kate did get pregnant. As to whether they have twins, we’ll just have to wait and see. Prediction 5. Donald Trump was not impeached, as I predicted, but he hasn’t resigned yet either, so I was only 50% right on this one, but maybe in 2018… Prediction 6. Celebrity Deaths? I was terrible at this one.

Well, that’s it. That’s what poured into my head from the future and again, I wasn’t perfect, but I was pretty good. Come back Saturday for my 2018 psychic predictions! ~Phil


16 responses to “Throwback Thursday! My Psychic Predictions for 2017

  1. This was hilarious! I sat here and checked your ‘wins’! Look forward to your 2018 predictions!

  2. Not bad Phil! I think Queenie has still got quite a bit of life left in her though. You were pretty close with Prince Harry though, I give you that. Look forward to your 2018 predictions! 🙂

  3. I’m now off to Google “gary spivey” to see whether he’s actually real or some kind of conedian!

  4. I’m so glad you missed with the celebrity deaths! I was worried about Betty, Stan and Liz. Also you could totally rock that hairdo 😂😱

  5. Can you believe how many of these are spot-on, Phil? I personally was never interested in the Kardashians, but . . . I see in the morning paper that Stan the man’s birthday is today, though. Hope he and others can hold out longer.
    Also, that’s hair? I thought Gary Spivey was wearing a helmet, like maybe he was an extra in Space Balls or something. I, too, know nothing about him, nor do I want to after Mind over Meta dug him up! Nonetheless, good luck in 2018, Phil—I will await your predictions with excitement!

  6. Darn it! I saw the pic of Prince Harry in the Facebook image and thought, OMG…Phil totally nailed it with guessing his marriage but I didn’t realize it was Kim! Well, you weren’t off on a few of these and perhaps Kim and Harry will hook up (God I hope not). We still have 3 more days in the year.

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