2018 Predictions From a Legit Psychic!

That’s me in the crystal ball. I’m not the lady.

Four years ago when I started my psychic predictions posts, it was just for fun. Then a funny thing happened, I got some right. Startingly, unerringly, spot on right. So I did it again the following year, and a year later I got some more exactly right. Let’s not get crazy. I’m not getting everything I predict exactly right. But I’m getting enough right that it’s possible I’ve got a little bit of psychic stuff in my big ‘ol noggin. So, back by popular demand, here are my predictions for the year of 2018!

Prediction 1: Look, it’s wonderful that we’re all swept up in Royal-mania with the announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement, but don’t get carried away. There are other Royals To Remember in 2018. I just made up the phrase Royals to Remember. (I, Phil Taylor, on 12/29/17, hereby copyright the phrase “Royals to Remember” for all eternity.)  OK, back to the prediction, and this one’s a crazy one, so buckle up buttercup. Remember a year ago when I predicted that Princess Kate would get pregnant a third time? Nailed it. Well, Harry and Meghan are scheduled to get married in May of 2018. Kate’s due date is in April 2018. Unfortunately Queen Elizabeth will have a health crisis in March. Fearing the worst, Harry and Meghan move their nuptials up by two months so the Queen Mum can see them married. In the most incredible coincidence of all time, Kate goes into premature labor and gives birth on the same day in March that the wedding occurs. Hours after both events on the same day, Queen Elizabeth will pass away.

This is not me, but I’m considering the hairdo

Prediction 2: I will interview psychic Gary Spivey for The Phil Factor. Of course he already knows this and so do I. In fact we both knew it months ago.

Prediction 3: The Earth will not end. A lot of psychics like to make headlines by predicting the end of the world. Not me. I’m going out on a limb and predicting that the world will still be here in a year. In 2009 I made my first Earth saving prediction and it was borne true in December of 2012. Remember when everybody believed that because the ancient Mayan calendar ended in December 2012 that the world end then? Read this post I wrote in 2009 and scheduled to post in 2012. I’m feeling just as solid about 2018, but that’s not to say that there may not been a close call or two coming up…

Prediction 4: You had to know that something about this guy was coming up. Donald Trump, after nearly causing war with North Korea, resigns from the presidency amidst both impeachment and other legal charges brought against him from the private sector.

Prediction 5: Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? It just might be a run for the U.S. Senate. In January of 2018 Dwayne “The Rock” Sexiest Man Alive Johnson will announce his intention to run for the U.S. Senate seat in Florida.

Prediction 6: The Church of Scientology comes apart. Amidst massive celebrity defections and legal tax fraud charges, the church’s leaders disappear leaving the multi-billion dollar coffers empty. Feeling lost, Tom Cruise starts his own religion and the hymns at church functions are the theme songs from all of his movies. (Read the next part to Bob Seger’s Old Time Rock and Roll and imagine Tom Cruise at a podium in Ray Ban sunglasses) “Just put those old religions on the shelf. I’ll make up a new one myself. Today’s Gods ain’t got the same soul. Just follow me, I’m as dumb as a troll.” 

That’s it. What do you think? Am I off my rocker? Feel free to share on social media by hitting one of the buttons below. Have a great Saturday! (I know you will) ~Phil

57 responses to “2018 Predictions From a Legit Psychic!

  1. I can totally see a future where Tom Cruise starts his own religion, and using the songs from the movies..That is genius.

  2. I hope you’re wrong about the Queen. I know she’s got to die somewhen, but it will be strange without her.

  3. I’m torn about which I like better, the resignation prediction or the Church of Tom Cruise one – hard not to like a church where the hymns come from Top Gun and Risky Business! 🙂

  4. This one made me laugh. There’s definitely smoke about the Queen at the moment with ‘leaks’ about how we will know when she has died in the UK press

  5. Don’t know whether to hope you are right about Trump or not – given that Pence is actually worse!

    Fun post

  6. Dude, I thought this was a post about The Long Island Medium, though.

  7. Thanks for assuring that we can save money rather splurging because world is not coming to an end! 🙂

  8. You have made me laugh out loud…..possibly made Prince Charles’ day as he will finally get a stab at being King, particularly the earth isn’t going anywhere……unless Trump’s impeachment happens too late in the year, allowing time to start a war other than on Twitter with the rest of the world. But best of all – I might even join the church of Mr Cruise just to hear everyone singing the theme tune to Mission Impossible & my fav Top Gun. Thanks for another fun post Phil and a very Happy New Year x

  9. Your list brought laughter to the obsession of trying to figure out – tomorrow. Thank you for the morning cheer! 😀

  10. You almost have the royal prediction right, you just didn’t go far enough. The Queen’s doctors give her until Christmas 2018 (thankfully in the end they’re also wrong). Her final wish is for Harry and Meghan to have a child as well (publicly she is happy Kate and William are having another one, or two…but privately she says no big deal, nothing new to see here). Fearing she won’t make it to see a legitimate offspring from the pair, Harry and Meghan move the wedding up to coincide with groundhogs day (turns out it’s Meg’s favorite holiday) and it also gives them a chance to give the queen her wish. However…on the honeymooon it is found out that Harry and his new bride are incompatible in the royal bedroom. Once again, to make the Queen Mum happy, the couple secretly turns to Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz…an almost exact look-a-like to Harry, google the photos, who would ever know?…to save the day. The deal gets done, they have a baby delivered by c-section on 12/15, the Queen gets her wish, her doctors are wrong and subsequently sent to the pit of despair (turns out it’s real). These will be the facts(?) and they will be undisputed.

  11. Interesting post! I’m intrigued to see if any of these predictions come true. 🙂 I’ll be watching for them!

  12. I hope you’re right with a lot of these. I think you probably will be right with many of them. I think the Queen has a few more good years left in her, though.

  13. I look forward to your predictions in order to make important decisions in my life. Thank you Phil. I kind of like that hairstyle.

  14. Tom Cruise he is indeed a chump
    But maybe a step up from Trump

  15. Ok, if your predictions about the royals happen, there is no reason on Earth why they shouldn’t hire you as their royal psychic. I may have to make a post about my predictions b/c I bet it’s so much fun when you get to see how right you were. I do hope the church of Scientology comes apart. Happy New Years!!!

  16. Poor old Queenie. Charles will be happy though.

    You know, even though he seems loopy when he talks about scientology, I’d prefer a president cruise to a president trump.

  17. Excellent, Phil. I’m banking on the no end to the world thingy. If you are wrong though, we might not know it. Happy New Year. I look forward to your genius in 2018

  18. I sincerely hope you’re right with prediction no.4 (and I have a feeling you will be).

  19. Excuse me Phil but QEII can’t pass away. The Crown still has many series to go yet!

  20. Could you please predict world peace? I’d like that in 2018. I know I live in a fairy land. But still. Please let #4 not be true. Looking forward to that interview with Spivey. 🙂

  21. What! No aliens? Can’t have a legit psychic prediction with out aliens 😉
    Happy New Year Phil

  22. Oh my god I can’t believe you’ve killed the Queen! Happy New Year!

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  25. thephilfactor
    happy new year 2018

  26. I have a similar prediction regarding the royals! I think you are spot on with that one!

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