Daylight Stupid Time!

This is my bi-annual reminder that tomorrow night in the United States we move our clocks forward by an hour and my reminder to you that it’s stupid. I’ve been posting this every Fall and Spring since 2006 and will continue to do so until we do away with Daylight Savings Time.


When I’m elected President, or Sexiest Man Alive, whichever comes first, I’m going to pass a law getting rid of Daylight Savings Time. I don’t know if all other countries do this. I do know that not all the U.S. states abide by it. Daylight Savings Time was created about 120 years ago to give farmers more daylight in which to do their work in the fields. Call me crazy, but why the hell didn’t someone just suggest that the lazy ass farmers drag themselves out of a bed a little earlier each day? Because those cud chewing, overall wearing, udder jerking lay-abouts can’t be bothered to set their alarm clocks we’re all stuck changing time?

I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but about 8 or 9 years ago the U.S. Congress, in another colossal waste of their time and our tax dollars, extended daylight savings time by a few weeks on either end.

First off, why isn’t it called daylight spending time since we are using more daylight in the summer months? Secondly, at this point the farmers (except the creepy Amish ones) all have electricity and alarm clocks, which may not have been the case 120 years ago. I can get away with saying that about the Amish because my demographic data shows that for some reason I have very low readership among the Amish. I guess they just don’t get me.

Reportedly the reason Congress did this is to save energy. How will changing our clocks twice a year save energy? Don’t we set our thermostats and use heat based on the outdoor temperature, not how light out it is? I’d like to save the energy I expend changing my clocks! I’d like Congress to tell me when I get that back. Congress has again proven to be the biggest collection of morons outside of…well…I guess I can’t think of a bigger collection. Why doesn’t Congress set their alarm clocks an hour earlier so they can get up early and get more of this important work done?


B.T. dubs, if we set our clocks ahead an hour now but we turn them back in the Spring, over the course of a year what difference does it make? If we learned anthying from Marty McFly it was that we shouldn’t muck about with time. Also, according to statistics,  the day after we change our clocks there are more workplace injuries, car accidents, and for the day, a 10% rise in heart attacks.

I for one am not going to go for this stupid daylight savings time thing anymore. I don’t work at a farm or for Congress, so I told my boss that for 6 months I’ll be to work an hour early or late, however it works out. When I’m elected President, or Sexiest Man Alive, whichever comes first, this is going to change

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14 responses to “Daylight Stupid Time!

  1. I worked night shift in an ER for 12 years. I always seemed to work on the “Fall Back” day of daylight screw up time. A horrific 12 hour shift turned into an even more horrific 13 hour shift on those nights. You could watch the department and see grown, educated men and women burst into tears as the automatic clocks would spin back to 2am.

  2. I hate this – I always feel jet lagged and I can’t even explain why. An hour shouldn’t do that to you, right? Plus I want to punch the people that say “but look how light it is now!” Thanks but I’d rather have my extra hour of sleep!

  3. PS – I hate daylight savings time not the post! Oops!

  4. Daylight savings time needs to meet its untimely demise. That’s all I’ve got to say…

  5. I’m divided over the DLST thing. I love it in the fall. Another hour in the day? Yes please. But I hate springing ahead. Not only do we lose an hour (because, yeah, I’ve already forgotten about that extra hour because I DESERVED that extra hour. I shouldn’t have to give it back. I never asked for it in the first place. It’s like the government is an Indian giver. Wait, is that politically incorrect to say now? Wait, look where I am. How’s your readership among Native Americans?

  6. This was supposed to save us energy. I’m sure there are other ways to do that, and during the school year, just shift everything an hour later and let the kids sleep. At least it gives you something to have a good rant over.

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