Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Idiotic Things Celebrities Have Bought

We’ve all heard the stories of excess among the rich and famous. Sure they have cars and mansions and yachts. But occasionally certain eccentric celebrities have made purchases that cause everyone to raise an eyebrow. The picture below is of John Merrick, the Elephant Man. In 1987 Michael Jackson unsuccessfully tried to purchase his skeleton for 1 million dollars. Here are ten of the most unusual celebrity purchases that I was able to find:

10. Nicholas Cage bought a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull  for $270,000. He had to outbid Leonardo DiCaprio for it.

9. Tyrese bought his daughter an island for her 8th birthday. What 8 year old doesn’t need their own island? Some get cell phones, others get islands. Tyrese, the R&B singer and Fast & Furious actor will not divulge the cost or the location of Love Island. Sounds like a reality show doesn’t it?

8. Just like in The Hangover, Mike Tyson has a tiger. 

7. Rapper Lil Wayne has diamond encrusted teeth. That has to take a lot of flossing. Can you imagine how much food gets stuck in those teeth?

6. Actress Kim Basinger bought a city. For $20 million she bought Braselton, Georgia in hopes of turning it into a movie studio town.

5. Lady Gaga bought a ghost detector: The electro-magnetic frequency detector was only $50,000, but a very cool purchase. I wish I had one.

Picture courtesy of Edmonton Sun

4. Several celebrities have bought tickets to outer space. No, not Disney’s Space Mountain, but to the real outer space. Virgin Atlantic owner Richard Branson is selling celebs $200,000 tickets for a ride to outer space that might occur in the future. Celebs who have bought a ticket include: Tom Hanks, Angelina and Brad, Stephen Hawking, Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber.

3. A 1.5 million dollar bathtub? Tamara Ecclestone, daughter of Formula 1 exec Bernie Ecclestone bought a 1.5 million dollar crystal bathtub. She said, “…but I spend a lot of time in the bath, so it’s worth it.” She must be pruney 24/7.

2. Johnny Depp really likes wine. So much so that he spends $30,000 per month on it. I don’t care what kind of wine you’re drinking, that is a lot of wine. Enjoy your dementia and liver disease Johnny!

1. All that glitters isn’t gold, but it might be Ke$ha: Ke$sha spends $2000/month on glitter. She must be the envy of every stripper. Said Ke$ha, “I am shooting glitter from glitter guns and out of every orifice in my body.” She told Jimmy Kimmel that she has a “glitter specialist” named Santa. “He just follows me around and makes sure I’m always covered in glitter,” she explained. “Because I feel it would be seriously a disappointment if I was ever seen without it.”

So, what are your extravagant purchases? Mine? I have a weakness for new technology gadgets. Have a glitterful Tuesday! ~Phil

14 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Idiotic Things Celebrities Have Bought

  1. The Not Fake DC

    Brasleton,GA…or as everyone else in the world calls it, East Hollywood. Ok, no one calls it that.

  2. I love this

  3. Tyrese’s daughter is going to be the next Veruca Salt. I want an oompa loompa! I want it now, daddy!

  4. Why can’t I be Tyrese’s daughter? Sigh… I’d love my own island. These are seriously crazy, though. Except the space tickets. I’d go to space but I think I’d bank on Elon instead of Branson! 😜

  5. What fools! I sent some guy named Rocky $54 and got a whole star. How cool is that, right?

  6. Celebrities are dickheads.

  7. I once bought a pair of jeans.

  8. These are our cultural heroes…….

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