Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Things I Learned From Toddlers

10. A nap solves almost any problem. (I find this still applies in adulthood)

9. TV shows and movies are so much better when you watch them over and over until you have the lines memorized and then you watch them some more. (I’m convinced a child invented Netflix)

8. When you’re really bored you should just lay down on the floor no matter where you are.

7. If I cover my eyes I become invisible. (Wouldn’t it be great if this were true? At work this would come in handy)

6. Sliding glass doors are a really mean trick.

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5. Why do something for yourself if someone else will do it?

4. Sometimes just pointing is enough. (If only this worked when you’re dating!)


3. If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.

2. If you act tired someone will pick you up (this is mostly only applicable to toddlers and women in bars)

1. An ear piercing scream will get you out of almost any situation.

Do you have any fun ones to add from your experience? Please put them in the comments. Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil


26 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Things I Learned From Toddlers

  1. I act tired in bars all the time and nobody picks me up. What am I doing wrong, Phil? (You don’t have to answer this).

  2. Oh YES, the power of a nap. Good for any age!

  3. Farts are always funny; soft food is best; any animal that is the same size as you is scary; letting someone else make your clothing choices really removes the stress from your day…

  4. Naps are the best

  5. Haha, Phil, these are really good learning points.

  6. 8. When you’re really bored you should just lay down on the floor no matter where you are.
    Can confirm, this works.

  7. I wish this could happen…a nap could solve all our problems.. like toddlers, once they wake up from their nap they forget what was the problem… why few hrs before they were not happyyy.. may we cannot be toddler but at least we can try to develop our mind like them and start to enjoy our life…
    By the way nice observation of toddler’s life structure….

  8. Hahah, funny! Loved this list!

  9. hahaha great article, totally made me smileeee

  10. 11. A pout will get you candy.

  11. naps solve problems for people of all ages!

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  13. So true hahaha

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