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What Up Dawg?

To commemorate tonights return of American Idol, I’m re-posting the content of the first ever #ThePhilFactor post from April 3, 2005 because it was about American Idol. The following paragraph is how I introduced The Phil Factor to the world. (If you want to read the actual original, click HERE.)

(04/03/2005) Is it just me or is everyone sick of Randy Jackson’s act on American Idol? How many times can we hear, “What up dawg?” Or his other favorite, “It was a little pitchy in spots,” or “It was just ahh ight for me.” The dude is like one of those action figures where you squeeze him and he has three pre-programmed phrases he rotates through. Nearly as bad is Paula Abdul. Has anyone else noticed that this season she seems drunk every week? She loves everyone this season and seems to find an excuse to physically grab Simon Cowell every week. Considering her recent charge of leaving the scene of an accident after she clipped another car on the freeway, how ironic is it that her big 1988 hit song, Straight Up, included the line “caught in a hit and run”?

That was it. I’m not sure if back in 2005 anyone even saw it. Anyway, welcome back American Idol. The Phil Factor is still here to mock you! ~Phil