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Wordless Wednesday! Spring is Finally Here!

I took this picture on Saturday when finally Spring arrived here in the Northeastern U.S. No filters required for this one. I hope you’re weather has been as nice. Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

Wordless Wednesday!

A gorgeous mural on the side of a medical building in Buffalo, NY. And I know what you’re thinking, no, I didn’t pose for that. Happy Wednesday! ~Phil

Wordless Wednesday: An Odd Pair

I came across both of these at the same time because they’re on the same building, but separated by a Popeye cartoon mural. I was just driving in the city one day and came across them.

I don’t know the story behind these but I find them to be a very odd pairing. The portrait of the girl is startling good isn’t it?

Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

Wordless Wednesday: Wall Therapy


Ok, this week I’m going to add words to my Wordless Wednesday. The picture above is another from my city. Several people have commented on my Wordless Wednesdays about how nice it is that my city has so much public art. I thought so too. I drive around the city a lot as part of my job. Over the last few years I noticed many remarkable murals so I decided to make them part of my Wordless Wednesdays posts.

At first I didn’t think there was any pattern or plan, but apparently I was wrong. Shocking, I know. Apparently it’s all part of an annual festival called Wall Therapy that was started in 2011 by a local physician who wanted to give back to his community. You can read about it here

Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil