Top Ten Tuesday! The Top Ten Causes of Writer’s Block

I love the angry baby

I love the angry baby

The curse of writer’s of all types is writer’s block; the desire to write but the sensation of having all your ideas bottled up somewhere behind a locked door in your brain. I thought of the idea for this list because I was having writer’s block about what to write a Top Ten list about. To be honest, my free flowing idiocy that I post every Saturday comes to me as naturally as breathing. Coming up with a Top Ten topic that people will want to read is far more challenging. Here are the Top Ten things that cause my writer’s block. What are yours?

10. Snacks: Today it was those orange cheese crackers with the peanut butter, tomorrow it might be Cheez-Its. Apparently I have a thing for fake orange food.

9. Television: Damn you Netflix!

8.  The Internet: Why does there have to be so much stuff on the internet?


7. My cell phone: It’s related to the internet.

6. My dog: She’s learned how to act like she has to pee just so I’ll take her outside to smell things for 10 minutes.

5. The outdoors: I rather like it when the weather’s good.


4. Hilarious memes: My 17 year old son tells me I’m “lame” for liking memes. He’s an idiot right? At least I don’t make too many, right?

3. Blogging: I know, ironic, right? When I should be writing for my novel I find myself here blogging.

2. Actual typing: If I didn’t have to type anything, I would write so much! If I could just think or say aloud and have it automatically typed for me I’d be all set. Yes, I know there are computer programs that do that. I tried one once. It was terrible.

1. Fantasy football: I’d say that it’s my secret shame, but I’m not ashamed. When I first started writing over ten years ago it was fantasy football I wrote about. Unfortunately it takes a lot of research to be good at it and I like winning.

Those are my ten causes of writer’s block. What are some of yours?

Have a great Tuesday!~Phil

11 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! The Top Ten Causes of Writer’s Block

  1. Laziness!

  2. Good list that needed to be written. Always wise to know what’s holding you back. 😉

  3. Check out Dragon Naturally Speaking. My fingers no long allow me to type but I can continue.

  4. Rather than provide writer’s cessation
    The internet often gives me inspiration
    But if there’s on thing that stops my thoughts from building
    Number one answer I’d say it’s my children

  5. Klondike bars…knowing they’re in the freezer and calling my name. 🙂 As for the Dragon software, I use it, too. It has it’s quirks but it works pretty damn good.

  6. Work
    Um, no, really just work. 😀

  7. Reading good poetry or anything really as it makes me feel inadequate!

  8. I think all my ten would be linked to music somehow…or cats

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  10. Is blogging not writing?!! Shit, that’s where I’ve been going wrong. :/

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