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Top Ten Tuesday! The Top Ten Causes of Writer’s Block

I love the angry baby

I love the angry baby

The curse of writer’s of all types is writer’s block; the desire to write but the sensation of having all your ideas bottled up somewhere behind a locked door in your brain. I thought of the idea for this list because I was having writer’s block about what to write a Top Ten list about. To be honest, my free flowing idiocy that I post every Saturday comes to me as naturally as breathing. Coming up with a Top Ten topic that people will want to read is far more challenging. Here are the Top Ten things that cause my writer’s block. What are yours?

10. Snacks: Today it was those orange cheese crackers with the peanut butter, tomorrow it might be Cheez-Its. Apparently I have a thing for fake orange food.

9. Television: Damn you Netflix!

8.  The Internet: Why does there have to be so much stuff on the internet?


7. My cell phone: It’s related to the internet.

6. My dog: She’s learned how to act like she has to pee just so I’ll take her outside to smell things for 10 minutes.

5. The outdoors: I rather like it when the weather’s good.


4. Hilarious memes: My 17 year old son tells me I’m “lame” for liking memes. He’s an idiot right? At least I don’t make too many, right?

3. Blogging: I know, ironic, right? When I should be writing for my novel I find myself here blogging.

2. Actual typing: If I didn’t have to type anything, I would write so much! If I could just think or say aloud and have it automatically typed for me I’d be all set. Yes, I know there are computer programs that do that. I tried one once. It was terrible.

1. Fantasy football: I’d say that it’s my secret shame, but I’m not ashamed. When I first started writing over ten years ago it was fantasy football I wrote about. Unfortunately it takes a lot of research to be good at it and I like winning.

Those are my ten causes of writer’s block. What are some of yours?

Have a great Tuesday!~Phil