Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Things Airlines Should Change

I’m traveling for work this week and will be spending too much time inside airplanes. This post is actually a re-run because I’m too busy to put the time in to craft a new coherent Top Ten list. Also, the time change is screwing me up. I’m 6 hours behind my home time and for the people in the U.K., they’re 12 hours ahead of me. I’ll be surprised if anyone reads this. The first time through, this was very popular and elicited a lot of suggestions from comments about what the readers would like to see airlines change. Feel free to chip in with your two cents.

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It’s hard not to notice how some airlines have stripped down the comforts of flying to save money. On some airlines it’s so bad  that I’m surprised the seats aren’t just lawn furniture duct taped to the floor. Obviously when I’m elected President, or Sexiest Man Alive, whichever comes first, I’m going pass laws mandating minimum standards of comfort on flights. Here are The Top Ten Things Airlines Should Change:

1. Heated massage seats: Seriously, how great would this be?

2. When boarding the passengers, fill the plane from back to front: This would prevent people from walking down the aisle hitting all the other passengers with their ridiculously oversized “carry on” and from preventing you from getting to your seat while they clog the aisle like a piece of human cholesterol (the bad kind) trying to jam their bag in the overhead compartment. And you first class people can stop your whining now. Whether you get on first or last the plane still leaves at the same time.

3. Have the pilot mix in a loop de loop now and then: Flights are boring. This would spice things up a bit. Hello passengers, please fasten your seat belts and put your hand on top of your drinks.. My co-pilot Bucky just bet me ten dollars that I can’t get this thing to do a barrel roll. 

4. Just let us roll down the window a little bit: There’s nothing worse than sitting next to the farty passenger in the stale, stagnant, recycled air. Sometimes I want to pull down the oxygen mask just to get a fresh breath. We’d only need to roll down the windows a little. They could put a lock on them so we can’t put them down far enough to get our heads out. (who just pictured being in a plane with your head out the window like a dog?)

5. Themed Flights: Just like themed cruises. Costumes, music, Disney characters, whatever. Hooters flights, why not?

6. A USB charging port at every seat: This is the biggest no-brainer ever.

7. A Shoes on policy: I don’t care what you’re reason is, no one should take their shoes off on a flight. It’s not a beach and I don’t need to see or smell your feet.

8. McDonald’s food on board: Or any decent baseline food that most people can recognize or accept. Airline food is not acceptable and under the Geneva Convention of 1949 qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment.

9. The flight attendants should have sedatives: Not for anxious passengers, but for obnoxious ones. The flight attendants could release it remotely through those little blowers above each seat and the annoying passenger would doze off for the rest of the flight not even knowing why.

10. What’s Your Seat Wheel! All seats, including first class, will be determined by a spin of the wheel at the gate. How fun would that be? There will also be a mystery celebrity on board every flight and the seat next to them is also on the wheel. Congratulations! You didn’t get first class, but you do get to sit next to Dustin Diamond!

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7 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Things Airlines Should Change

  1. Ha ha!! Wonderful 10’things that will make flights and the journey much better 😉

  2. I so wish they would load the plane from back to front. That would make so much sense, but in order to do that, they would have to first rehaul issues with checking your bag so that people wouldn’t try to cram so much into the overhead bins.

  3. No loop the loops please – I’m terrified of flying! Just a bowlful of sedatives would do me! X

  4. I have my own sedatives, but thanks. I really hate wearing shoes, though, so I would pay extra if I could have special seat where I can take my Chucks off. I promise to wear clean socks.

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