Top Ten Tuesday! The Ten Best Christmas Movies EVER!

Every holiday season I post this list and it evolves based on readers suggestions and new movies that come out. If you have favorites that didn’t make the list please add them in the comments section and maybe you’ll influence next years list.


10. Love Actually: (2003) This is the best Christmas movie there is about stodgy British people trying to get it on, but it’s a favorite with the ladies, so it made the list. Around the holidays the ladies get what the ladies want.

Scrooged (2)

9. Scrooged: (1988) A modern re-telling of the Charles Dickens classic starring Bill Murray. I think that even Dickens would agree that this is way better than the original.


8. Die Hard: Yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie. If the phrase Yippee Ki Yay M-F-er doesn’t make you think about Christmas, then I’m not sure we can be friends. And if Bruce Willis killing Professor Snape doesn’t make you want to sing Christmas carols, then you’re just not American.

Santa Clause(2)

7. The Santa Clause: This 2004 movie starring Tim Allen screamed instant classic the first time I saw it. Also, any movie that includes Judge Reinhold is a must watch.


6. The Nightmare Before Christmas: (1993) To be honest, which I always am of course, I’ve never seen this, but so many people talk about it, so I added it to the list. Is it good enough that I should make time to watch it this year?

Polar Express(6)

5. The Polar Express: (2004) Tom Hanks is a better actor even as cartoon character.


4. Elf: (2003) Starring Will Farrell, this is the most quotable of all holiday movies. “I just like to smile. Smiling’s my favorite.” or “Buddy the Elf. What’s your favorite color?”


3. Miracle on 34th Street: (1947) I’ve never watched the crappy newer color version and I don’t plan to. I’ve loved this one since I was a kid, especially the brilliant court scene when Santa’s lawyer wins the case by having the postmen bring in the letters to Santa. Officially, that was the last time the post office delivered anything on time for the holidays.

A Christmas Story(2)

2. A Christmas Story: (1983) It is right and just that TBS plays this movie for 24 hours straight every year.


1. It’s a Wonderful Life: (1946) Yes, I’m an old sentimental fool. I still love it everytime when Mary is hidden in the bush and has lost her robe and George says, “Now this is a very interesting situation.” Who doesn’t wonder where the movie might have gone had his friends not pulled up in the car at that moment. Bow bow chicka chicka… Also it’s pretty cool to me that the town of Bedford Falls is based on a small town in upstate New York that I drive through all the time.

Ok, that’s my list. What do you agree with or better yet, disagree with? What movies would you put on the list?  Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil

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  1. I’m with you on 10, 9, 8 and 6 (you should definitely watch 6) but would also have Holiday Inn (original black & white version), The Bishop’s Wife (black & white version with Cary Grant & David Niven) and Arthur Christmas! Oh and The Holiday with Cameron Diaz .. Happy Tuesday Phil!

  2. Nice list, Phil! I would say you have to include National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. As much as “yipee kay yay…,” when Chevy Chase says “Danny-f’in-Kaye,” it’s a hilarious catch-phrase and has so many funny moments. We recently re-watched it, and it still holds up to the test of time, I think. Also, can I add some “TV”: watch the Mr. Bean show where he’s making the turkey for Christmas; he gets into all kinds of shenanigans with not only the turkey but with his girlfriend’s gift and then the New Year’s party. I won’t even suggest Dr. Who, because they have several Christmas specials that are good.
    Finally, a personal favorite of mine is the ‘original’ Christmas Carol; I’ve come to prefer Patrick Stewart’s version, although Alastair Simm (I think I got that right) does a good one, too.

    • Leigh, you’ve made some really good suggestions that could impact next years list. I like Mr. Bean and Dr. Who as much as anyone but since they’re TV shows and not movies they didn’t make the list. Maybe I’ll have to revive The Ten Best Christmas Specials list again this year just to add your suggestions.

  3. Kimberly S Steward

    You might need to expand this to “Top Twenty”……

  4. What about “The Bells of Saint Mary”,”Holiday Inn”, “White Christmas”, “A Christmas Carol”? These are may favourites.

  5. Oh I was worried you’d skip It’s a Wonderful Life after poking fun at George Bailey the other day! But now you know why I have such a fondness for the guy! 🙂

  6. All wonderful. Thanks, Phil.

  7. Can you believe I’ve still never watched a wonderful life all the way through?

  8. Meh on numbers 6 and 7, but the rest, yes. Mine might would be in a different order, but it’s a darn good list, Phil! 🙂

  9. Great list Phil! your pick for number 1 is perfect! and please do watch Nightmare! You might be surprised, turns out it is now one of my favorites! 🙂 Merry Christmas! 🙂

  10. And, with the late, great Alan Rickman in Die Hard, I think I’d better get a mug of eggnog and settle down to watch it.

  11. Is it possible; to make a bad Christmas movie? That’s all part of the Magic!

  12. Great list. Just wondering if Home Alone series could also be considered!

    May I reblog this post?

  13. Reblogged this on ashokbhatia and commented:
    Here is a delectable list of some Christmas movies. Which are the ones you would see added here?!

  14. Don’t forget Die Hard!

    Great list regardless.

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