Top Ten Tuesday! The Top Ten TV Doctors

The medical drama or comedy is a staple of television lineups on just about any network, any night of the week. Who though, are the best television doctors of all time? Here’s my list. If you have other ideas, please leave a comment.


10. Dr. Perry Cox, Scrubs: He was the biggest jerk ever on a medical show, but he was hilarious as he abused the residents. Scrubs was also a very underrated great show.


9. House: Overrated show. If you watched the first three episodes you could see the formula every other episode followed: Strange symptoms, they think it’s something, but then almost kill the patient twice while trying to figure it out and in the end House has some brilliant insight and saves the day.  All that being said, Hugh Laurie is a great actor.


8. Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman: A smokin’ hot woman out on the frontier saving lives? #badass


7. Doogie Howser,MD: This is more of a lifetime achievement award for Neil Patrick Harris because he was so good on How I Met Your Mother.


6. Dr. John Watson: Played impeccably by Martin Freeman, who is in everything.


5. Dr. Spock from the original Star Trek show. Only the original will do. For bonus points, can anyone guess the link between this weeks Top Ten list and last weeks?


4. Dr. Meredith Grey: I think I saw the first episode and never watched it again, but people love it, so here she is. Spoiler alert: There will be no Dr. McDreamy.


3. Dr. Seuss, aka Theodor Suess Geisel. Dude could rhyme anything. He was a rapper before rapping was a thing. My kids had a Dr. Suess book I’d read to them in a rap cadence and they hated that. The guy that created the Grinch has to be on any list of doctors.


2. Dr. Hawkeye Pierce, played by Alan Alda on MASH for 11 years. In the early seasons, about the only time his character didn’t have a martini was when he was in surgery.


1. Dr. Who: Look, I know a lot of you Americans have never seen the show, but Dr. Who has a 50 year run going. You’ve gotta respect that. Also, not only does Dr. Who save lives, he saves planets and universes on a daily basis. They’ve changed the actor who plays the doctor twelve times and people just keep watching.

That’s my list. Who would you add or take away? And why?

Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil

43 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! The Top Ten TV Doctors

  1. Great list Phil! I would add ALL the Dr.’s from that great US TV drama ER-including George Clooney as Dr. Ross. Yup. πŸ˜‰

  2. Dr Doolittle?

  3. Actually is was an animated series in the 70s so maybe it doesn’t qualify. oops!

  4. I would put McCoy ahead of Spock any time. I love Spock, but McCoy rocks.

    M tends to rewatch the entire series of Scrubs twice a year. I think he has learned from Dr. Cox how not to act with patients πŸ˜€

    • Yes, Dr. Cox was a jerk but he was a funny jerk. I’m still sticking with Spock. I liked him better, but so far nobody has realized that on Star Trek he was actually Mr. Spock. People are used to hearing Dr. Spock from the parenting books. I slipped him in to see if anyone is paying attention.

  5. Great list, Phil. Do you ever share your top tens such as this on any film sites? I’m actually the Community Content Manager for, and I would be thrilled if you considered cross posting your stuff to our platform. If you don’t know much about us, feel free to email me! My contact info is on my about page. Cheers!

  6. Anyone remember Dr. Kildare? (aging myself here!) Richard Chamberlain was the original “Dr. MrDreamy” before Grey’s Anatomy was even a thought. πŸ™‚

  7. Dr. Mark Craig from “St. Elsewhere” is missing from the list! Actually you could choose just about any of the St. E. regulars, but Craig, played by William Daniels, was the most flamboyant. Also I agree with the commenter who would nominate Dr. McCoy for the Star Trek role. (It’s MR. Spock and DR. McCoy, by the way, not DR. Spock). Still, fun list!

    • Ha Ha! Finally! Somebody caught me on the Dr. Spock thing. I knew it was wrong when I put it in, but I figured I’d see if somebody would catch it. You have my respect. Also I did consider Dr. Craig from St. elsewhere

  8. I know I know House is pretty predictable but it’s still one of my favorite shows. I still catch the reruns on TV or Netflix. Hugh Laurie 😍 Great list!

  9. I still watch Grey’s anatomy. I guess I’m hooked. I was going to add a couple but I see from the comments you have pretty much pre-thought those. I will say Marcus Welby MD (Robert Young) and Ben Casey (Vince Edwards). I also really enjoyed Northern Exposure’s Dr. Fleischman (Rob Morrow) but would keep him out of the rankings due to the short duration of the show.

  10. Huzzah!! Doctor Who made the list!!! I was sweating there towards the end. Glad you gave him a spot 😊

  11. The comments are fantabulous today. πŸ™‚ Huzzah, indeed.

  12. David Tenant is my favorite Doctor!

    There was a Dr. Spock, but not on Star Trek.

    • Good catch on the Dr. Spock. I knew that when I wrote it and you’re only one of two people to catch that. As for Dr. Who, Matt Smith is my favorite with David Tenant a close second. I am not a fan of Peter Capaldi.

  13. At Dubsism, we use Dr. Brackett from “Emergency” when we talk about your College Basketball bracket. And make it three who caught the Dr. Spock theing…

  14. Oooo I was thinking the best Doctor wasn’t going to be in this until I got to the end πŸ™‚

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