Psychic Phil Strikes Again!

I hate to say I told you so. OK, no I don’t. I love to say I told you so.

Remember my January 1st post My Psychic Predictions for 2017 ? If not feel free to click that link and read it. Go ahead. I’ll wait. ………..You back? Good. See? On January 1st of this year I predicted that Princess Kate would get pregnant again and the world will lose it’s collective minds when we find out it’s twins. The rumors are out there that it is twins. I’ve got the first half right. Time will tell if I nailed the landing.

Also just to update my other predictions at the halfway point in the year:

The world did not end, exactly as I predicted.

People will lose interest in the Kardashians: Who? Exactly!

The United Kingdom will try to #UnBrexit: The most recent election results were underwhelming for Prime Minister Theresa May, indicating that the public is not happy with her leadership. There is published speculation that England my try to reverse this colossal blunder. Sounds like Psychic Phil may have nailed this one too. BTW, #unBrexit is a hashtag on Twitter just as I predicted it would be 6 months ago. You’re welcome.

Kim Kardashian will fall for another: She’s still married to Kanye, but how long can this possibly go on? Apparently not for much longer according to this article from May which seems to indicate I got this prediction right too.

Donald Trump will resign from the Presidency: I predicted this weeks before he even took office. Doesn’t seem so far fetched now does it?

Celebrity Deaths: Not that I’m rooting to be right on these, but Betty White, Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee, and Queen Elizabeth. Rumors have been swirling about the Queen’s health…

Well? What do you think? It seems like my psychic predictions are all looking pretty good so far. Should I start a separate psychic predictions blog?

Have a great Friday!  ( I know you will. Well, not you. I was talking to her over on the left) ~Phil

24 responses to “Psychic Phil Strikes Again!

  1. Interesting! We’ll see how it all shakes out by the end of the year! 🙂

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  2. Keep working on that Trump thing, OK?

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  3. Congrats on your clairvoyant skills
    It seems that we have met
    With a psychic, funny guy and writer
    You’re a triple threat!

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  4. I think you should have once a month feature so we can keep up with scoring your success.

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  5. Yes, but did you predict the fab fall boots from the first magazine?

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  6. NOT BETTY WHITE, PHIL!! But all the rest, yes. And after today, I would be surprised if Trump doesn’t find himself locked in a rubber room by the end of the week.

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  7. You are a smart man, Phil!

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  8. Trump won’t resign. Haha! I love that so many people hate on him.
    Congratulations to the royal family. And who cares about Kim K and Kanye? Vomit, wretch, yuk. 🤢
    Also, I have never watched one episode of their shitty little reality show. And, nooooo! Betty White will be immortal.

    Nice predictions! Funny!

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  9. Excellent read, I do the odd reading on Facebook for members in my group. I never tried celebrity predicitions maybe I will try also. I am now following you as I myself am into the whole psychic and spiritual side of things.

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  10. Also will look forward to the next article :). Maybe we can swap notes and see if I come up with anything. In my prediction, I do sense around the queen. God bless her but something isn’t right about her just lately and with the royals, William and Harry only recently just talking about their mum. Anyway, enjoy your work sorry I am writing another comment. It is because I left this out and also I choose the wrong username.

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  11. Ok, thank you Phil, will check out your other posts tomorrow.

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