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I May Be A Psychic!

Actually, there is no “may” be a psychic. I am and I’ve gotten another one right. In my annual predictions post back on December 30th I said, “Will Brexit Exit? And What About Theresa May’s Love Life? I’m bringing back an old prediction because it looks like it will be coming true, just not in the exact time frame that I foresaw. In December of 2016 I predicted that Britain would try to reverse course and not leave the European Union. In that prediction that you can read HERE I predicted the reversal of Brexit plans and I also predicted the hashtag #UnBrexit. Feel free to go check Twitter for that, it’s there. The oddity about this prediction is that the Brexit drama will end Theresa May’s reign as Prime Minister. She will be an outcast in her own country and will move to the United States, write love letters to imprisoned Donald Trump, and eventually begin a relationship, with conjugal visits, that will end in marriage. Sorry about that conjugal visit image that’s now stuck in your head. If it’s in my head, I want it in your head.”

If you hadn’t heard Theresa May is resigning as British Prime Minister effective June 7th. Now we just need to see how soon she and Donald Trump start hooking up.

Theresa, when she heard my prediction five months ago.

I’d also like to predict that you’ll read my hilarious books because they might be full of psychic predictions. That’s right, what if I have carefully woven psychic predictions into the plot throughout? They are stories about a time traveler, so is it possible that maybe they aren’t fiction? Maybe I’m getting my future predictions from a reliable source. You’ll never know unless you read them!

I’m predicting you will have a great weekend! ~Phil

Psychic Phil Strikes Again!

I hate to say I told you so. OK, no I don’t. I love to say I told you so.

Remember my January 1st post My Psychic Predictions for 2017 ? If not feel free to click that link and read it. Go ahead. I’ll wait. ………..You back? Good. See? On January 1st of this year I predicted that Princess Kate would get pregnant again and the world will lose it’s collective minds when we find out it’s twins. The rumors are out there that it is twins. I’ve got the first half right. Time will tell if I nailed the landing.

Also just to update my other predictions at the halfway point in the year:

The world did not end, exactly as I predicted.

People will lose interest in the Kardashians: Who? Exactly!

The United Kingdom will try to #UnBrexit: The most recent election results were underwhelming for Prime Minister Theresa May, indicating that the public is not happy with her leadership. There is published speculation that England my try to reverse this colossal blunder. Sounds like Psychic Phil may have nailed this one too. BTW, #unBrexit is a hashtag on Twitter just as I predicted it would be 6 months ago. You’re welcome.

Kim Kardashian will fall for another: She’s still married to Kanye, but how long can this possibly go on? Apparently not for much longer according to this article from May which seems to indicate I got this prediction right too.

Donald Trump will resign from the Presidency: I predicted this weeks before he even took office. Doesn’t seem so far fetched now does it?

Celebrity Deaths: Not that I’m rooting to be right on these, but Betty White, Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee, and Queen Elizabeth. Rumors have been swirling about the Queen’s health…

Well? What do you think? It seems like my psychic predictions are all looking pretty good so far. Should I start a separate psychic predictions blog?

Have a great Friday!  ( I know you will. Well, not you. I was talking to her over on the left) ~Phil

Fun With Search Terms: The Holiday Edition


For me, the thrill of holidays and birthdays is not in the gifts I get, but the surprise. There’s nothing I love more than opening a present to find that someone has chosen something I never thought of, but I immediately love it. As a blogger, looking at our list of search terms that brought people to our blog is like that. Like Forrest Gump said, “Search terms are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. And The Phil Factor is the best blog ever.” That’s an exact quote from the movie. Look it up. Although the movie is 22 years old, it predicted my blog. When I saw that movie in 1994, I knew that I’d wait about ten years and start this blog. Ok, that’s not true, but what is true is this list of ridiculous things people typed into Google and as a result ended up here.


Katy Perry Fighting: I tried to keep it out of the media, but when I turned Katy down for a date, well, I don’t want to say anything bad about her, but let’s just say that she didn’t take it well. I had to delete her spiteful comments on my blog several times.

top 10 sexiest men alive of 2016: Blah, blah, blah. Making the top ten is not what I was shooting for.

McDonald’s Vatican: Yes, Pope Francis, you’re welcome. Now you can have McNuggets every day if you want. What’s really cool is that the workers at the Vatican McDonald’s wear tiny McDonald’s Pope hats.


horniestintheland.com: I will neither confirm nor deny if that’s true.

pumpkin spice oil change: I love it every fall when the seasonal oil flavors come out.

he is swearing at me pictures: I swear that I am not swearing at anyone and if you think I am, you should talk with your doctor to see if The Phil Factor is right for you.

Amish birthday: I always invite all the Amish to celebrate their birthday on my blog. In fact, if you see Jedediah Gruber today, wish him a happy 44th birthday!


i want sexting: I have no idea why Google thought this person should be directed to The Phil Factor. That is not a service I provide, unless the price is right.

real sexting conversations to read in hindi full hd: मैं अपनी हिंदी पाठकों प्यार   That message is for a select few. 😉  The rest of you can move on. Nothing to see here. But if you do see it, it will be in full hd.

Tuesday theme shows: I’m sorry for all the times I wrote about Tuesday themed shows such as….umm…are there any Tuesday themed shows? Anywhere?

Psychic predictions, 2016: It’s a well established fact that I’m psychic. I know you don’t believe me, but I know that because I am psychic. See? Come back on Thursday Dec. 29 when I will review my 2016 psychic predictions to see how many I got right.

Those were just some of the best presents I found in my search terms log over the last three months. What were some of yours? Have a great weekend! ~Phil