Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Signs That You’re Addicted To Blogging

10. Going about your normal day you have a random thought that is followed, without pause, by the thought, “I’ll have to put that on my blog.”

9. Your hear a joke or see a movie and you think to yourself, “I’ll bet IdahoBlogWoman274 would think that was funny.”

8. You use your work computer for blogging more than working.

7. You actually think that your thoughts, life, or ideas are so interesting that you’ve got more than one blog.

6. You’ve upgraded, your computer so that you can blog better, whatever than means.

5. The word “blogiversary” is now part of your vocabulary.

4. You like people in the blog world better than the ones in the real world.

3. When you go on a family vacation you take your laptop with you and berate every helpless desk clerk unfortunate enough to work for a hotel with a bad internet connection.

2. Your draft folder has more posts than you’ve actually published.

1. You think that you’re so important that you include you’re own name in the title of your blog as if people will  think to themselves, “Holy s#@t! A blog by Phil! I’d better go read that!”

I’m guilty of many, but not all of these, and I know some of you are guilty of others in this list. Feel free to add some of you’re own in the comments. I’d love to hear them. Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil

33 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Signs That You’re Addicted To Blogging

  1. The next thing you do after you get your coffee is open your wordpress app and comment on a blog about being addicted to blogging.

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  2. love this, and many so true for me. i’d like to add: when your family or friends are afraid to do something with you or to let you take a pic without asking – ‘is this for the blog?!”

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  3. When your significant other does something silly and says ‘Oh no.. you’re going to make silly blog story out of that aren’t you?’
    ‘No, of course not.’ you say
    ‘Yes.’ you’re thinking.

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  4. I’d say I’m guilty of everything with the exception of #1 and #2, but then my blog title has the word sick in it, so basically I am guilty of #1.

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  5. This made me laugh! What about pictures? Find yourself thinking: “This would look great on my blog. Is this a pinnbable image?!”

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  6. Guilty of many of these, but especially 4 & 2. Also, you know you’re addicted to blogging when you give yourself RSI when sharing posts on a Sunday. 👍🏻

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  7. Ah, yes! Funny (sad, maybe…) and true! I had to have a serious talk with myself about blogging less and writing more actual publishable work. 2016 blogging was a sink hole of time!

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  8. Yes I am guilty of quite a few of them too but also not all. Do I have any to add. Probably lots but the only one I can think of right now is spending entire days when changing my theme. It’s as momentous as when there’s a new Pope right?

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  9. When my e-mail notification comes in I say to myself “Holy Shit the Phil factor is in.”


  10. No mention of total number of posts or sheer longevity of your blog? ‘Cuz I think that’s the one which dimes me out…

    Hi…I’m J-Dub…and I’m a blogger.


  11. Reblogged this on D. Dominik Wickles, Romance Author and commented:
    Are you addicted to blogging??
    Start your 2018 with some humor…Thanks Phil

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  12. Well with a blog called Lynnsbooks I have to own up to No.1 – although, I would love to call my blog something else.
    Lynn 😀

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  13. Although I rarely blog any more
    I’m still guilty of 7, 2 and 4.

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  14. Oh dear. More of those apply than I’d like to admit. At least I don’t do #8.

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  15. Not addicted to blogging but, oh, Instagram is another story entirely.

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  16. I write under a pseudonym (because of some sensitive material re: abuse and mental illness) and you know you’re addicted to blogging when you sometime slip and refer to yourself as your pseudonym!!!

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  17. Ah, Phil, you are quite right. I am guilty of many of these; actually probably all of these [wicked smile].

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  18. The Not Fake DC

    Think I check off at least five of these.

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