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TBT! Hindi Sexting is Back!

Truth be told, Hindi sexting has never left my blog since a year ago. The post that follows this introduction was written a year ago and not a day has gone by without at least several views of the post through searches. In fact, there are often days where this post is read more times than new original posts. Sadly though the horny Hindi’s don’t leave me any likes or comments.

Real Sexting Conversations To Read in Hindi

(03/28/2015)  Over the past three months or so the title of this post has been appearing repeatedly in the list of search terms that brought people to my blog. Hindi is one of the official languages of India, where approximately 94% of the world’s Hindi speaking people reside. I don’t speak or write in Hindi, nor have I ever, yet through some modern miracle of Google technology, sexting in Hindi is apparently what search engines think my blog is about, so I figured what the heck? Why not put it in the title of a post and see if I could make every internet server in India burst into flames simultaneously this morning.

imgur.com & BBC

imgur.com & BBC

The title is an attention grabber though isn’t it? You’re reading this, so it obviously worked. The fact that the title has been such a popular search term recently makes me wonder if the entire country of India just discovered the art of sexting. Is there going to be a new Kama Sutra written to include Hindi sexting? No offense to any of my Indian friends or readers, but I’m sorry, I can’t imagine any Indian dudes sounding at all sexy when they’re trying to sext. Go ahead, imagine an Indian accent talking sexy to you. The chicks, of course they would sound great. The dudes, I just don’t see it. Ladies, what do you think? If I think of an Indian guy, it’s Raj from The Big Bang Theory. 



Is that the face of smoldering Indian sensuality all you ladies want to imagine? Sorry Kunal. I’m sure you didn’t want to be dragged into this. You’re probably a very nice guy who, being a TV star, has no trouble with female companionship. Or male companionship. I don’t know what you’re into and I probably shouldn’t start rumors among all your countrymen and women who are reading this. Although Kunal, if you are having trouble finding your perfect match here’s a wonderful Hindi dating website that can help you.

Of course now the phrase ‘Hindi dating website‘ will be a popular search term that will pull even more people to #ThePhilFactor, so I might as well try to help out. As long as you’re here Hindi folks, if you’re looking for the love of your life, put your pertinent information in the comments section and maybe another of my Hindi fans will do the same and you two can go out for a froyo and celebrate Holi together. (For you dolts who just thought, “He should have said Diwali”, don’t be idiots. Diwali is in the Fall. Holi is the Indian spring celebration)

That’s a picture from a Holi celebration in India. Looks like fun huh? You can imagine that after a couple glasses of Feni in a crowd like that …..

I’ve got to admit that my humorous mojo was thrown for a loop in the middle of this. I was in the midst of writing it when my entire neighborhood lost electricity, so I’ve been sitting here in candlelight, like the Amish, writing this on my cell phone. Thank Vishnu that I got my coffee made before the lights went out.

As always, if you enjoyed The Phil Factor please share it with your love starved Hindi friends by hitting the Facebook, Twitter, or reblog button below. Whatever you do though, please do not sext me in Hindi. सप्ताहांत बहुत अच्छा गुजरे! Come back Saturday to help me celebrate The Phil Factor’s 11th birthday! ~Phil

HindiFest 2016! (aka Fun with Search Terms)

This isn’t really a post about a festival for my Hindi speaking readers, although Holi is coming up this Wednesday.  This is my quarterly scholarly examination of some of the more unusual search terms that have brought readers to my blog. So, whenever you’re “Googling” something, keep in mind that someone somewhere is reading it and if you don’t log out of your Google account, someone will know who you are.

Real sexting conversations to read in Hindi: For the past 12 months this is by far the most frequent search term that has brought readers to my blog. It has become so prevalent that I’m considering starting a dating site for Hindi speaking people.

Horniestintheland: While this may be true, I’m not sure why searching it brings people to my blog.

Butt and boobs switched: I guess I might as well come clean; I did have my butt and boobs switched in an ill fated stunt to increase my popularity. Hey, it worked for Caitlyn Jenner.

Keep on lying to yourself: Hey, you don’t need to tell me twice. I keep telling myself that if I keep blogging I’ll become hugely popular and people will buy my books. It’s a little lie but it keeps me churning out quality content like this.


People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive: Of course this brings hordes of adoring fans to #ThePhilFactor. I’m just disappointed that I don’t win it every year.

American Idol Phil Taylor: People rarely search this or find out about it, but yes…Remember years ago when certain questionable media outlets alleged that judge Paula Abdul had an affair with a contestant? According to my lawyers I can neither confirm nor deny.

2016 predictions for the world by credible soothsayers: In case you weren’t aware, I am quietly one of the most powerful psychics the world has ever known. Here’s the proof: Read prediction #7 from this post from 2014, then look at this past week’s Life & Style cover:


हिंदी सेक्स: Translation: Hindi Sex. This came up twice. In Hindi. My blog is accidentally the new Kama Sutra.

Pope McDonalds: Yeah, unfortunately the paparazzi caught me and Pope Francis sneaking out for a quick bite to eat at 3 a.m. after my bachelor party.

Things the Phil needs: Any psychoanalyst worth anything will tell you that my entire blog is a case study of my needs. Of course because of privacy laws they can’t tell you what it reveals about my mental status, but fortunately Four Winds Psych Hospital has great wi-fi so I can keep posting to The Phil Factor.

Have a great Saturday! ~Phil