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Music Monday! Girls Generation & the Better Late Than Never guys

The video below is from the NBC show Better Late Than Never and features Girls Generation, the most popular pop act in South Korea with the guys from Better Late Than Never: Terry Bradshaw, former NFL quarterback and sports broadcaster, actor Henry Winkler, famous as Fonzie from Happy Days, 87 year old William Shatner from Star Trek and Boston Legal, George Foreman, former heavyweight boxing champ, and comedian Jeff Dye.

If you get NBC, Better Late Than Never is a fun show with the four oldsters and den mom Jeff Dye going on adventures all over the world. If you’re in North Korea, you can’t hear Girls Generation (여왕의 귀환!소녀시대, 정규) because the government has banned their music. Once in 2015 at the demilitarized zone South Korea blasted their music into North Korea. In the rest of the world you should be fine. Below is 72 year old Henry Winkler showing that he’s still got some moves as he dances to Uptown Funk with Girls Generation:

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

Music Monday! New Politics: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

This is my favorite song by this band that is originally from Denmark but is now based in NYC. This is a very catchy, danceable tune. I’m featuring them this week because I had planned to see them this Friday but had to cancel due to other plans. They’re one of those bands that has a following but definitely deserves to have more fame and popularity.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

Music Monday! Africa by Toto: The Music and The Memes

Feel free to Google “Toto Africa memes” for more. Have a great Monday! ~Phil

Music Monday! Dreamers

Dreamers is a trio from Los Angeles that I discovered last year and am happy to be going to see live later this month.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

Music Monday! The Wrecks

I like this band for two reasons. 1. I legitimately like their music. 2. The guitar player, Westen Weiss, was in a local band that my son’s band used to open for, and once my son played with them because they were missing a bass player. Westen moved on and is now touring nationally. I’ll be paying to see Westen and his mates later this month on The Wrecks tour. Here is their song, Panic Vertigo:

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

Music Monday: Best Friend by Sofi Tukker and Friends

This song is a collaboration of a handful or artists who are, you guessed it, best friends. The Sofi Tukker duo of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern began creating this song celebrating friendship and as they did, they invited their friends to join in.  The song features several of Sofi Tukker’s friends, namely Alisa Ueno, The Knocks and NERVO.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

Music Monday! lovelytheband: Broken

I just discovered this band and song. The band itself, from Los Angeles has only been together for two years. This is their first big hit:

Have a lovely Monday! I hope you’re not Broken! ~Phil

Music Monday! Fitz and the Tantrums: Just Like Heaven

This is one of my favorite songs from the past by one of my favorite bands from the present. Enjoy. Happy Monday!~Phil

Music Monday! AJR & Rivers Cuomo

I love this song. It’s a collaboration between AJR, an American indie band made up of brothers Adam, Jack and Ryen Met and Rivers Cuomo of Weezer. It’s just one of those songs with a very happy vibe. Have a great Monday! ~Phil


Music Monday: Adam Sandler and The Hanukkah Song

Have a great Monday! ~Phil