Top Ten Tuesday! My Ten Favorite Bands to See Live!

I love live music. There’s not much better than the energy of a crowd enjoying a live performance. At this point in my life I’ve seen hundreds of bands live, many of them iconic. These are my favorite ten bands that I’ve seen live.

10. Fall Out Boy: I first heard about them from a sampler CD that was being given away for free as I left a concert for another band. The video below isn’t them live, but I thought you’d want to hear their remake of the Ghostbusters song for the new movie soundtrack.

9. New PoliticsThey’re different. If you don’t know their music, check it out. The lead singer does backflips and break dances on stage. Hayley Williams Hayley Williams

8. ParamoreFun music, great band, entertaining show. Lead singer Hayley Williams is not very large as far as human beings go, but on stage she has a powerful voice and never stops moving.

7. Nothing PersonalMy son’s band. I couldn’t leave them off the list or my son would be hurt. He’ll still be mad that he’s ranked 7th. I just didn’t want to show nepotism and I want him to work harder to get to no.1.

6. 3OH!3I just saw them last night at the Alternative Press Music Awards. Flat out fun live. Always a crazy crowd and you can’t help but to jump to their music. Scroll down to yesterdays Phil Factor for a sample.

5. Motion City SoundtrackI just saw them last month in Philadelphia on their final tour. Clever, catchy, pop lyrics. Their stage show is stripped down. No laser lights or explosions, just a great band playing great music with a lead singer Justin Pierre who was probably voted least likely looking rock star in high school.

4. Panic! At The DiscoTheir front man, Brendon Urie, is my son’s favorite performer. The bands music is kind of pop alternative rock and Brendon has a Broadway voice and a theatrical stage presence in their shows.

3. All Time LowThey’re a very popular alternative rock band that does a great job at being down to Earth and connecting with their fans. Their shows are full of witty banter with the crowd.

2. Phish: I’ve only seen this modern day Grateful Dead type band live twice, but one of those times was a doozy. It was at an outdoor venue so as you can imagine, things get a little looser. At their shows the crowd is more entertaining than the band.


1. Green Day: If you’re a long time reader of my blog you know my love of Green Day. I’ve been a fan of theirs for their entire twenty-something year career. I think it’s cool that guys my age are still popular and playing cool music.

So what are your favorite bands to see live?

29 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! My Ten Favorite Bands to See Live!

  1. Great list! For me Foo Fighters, The Cure, REM, and 21 Pilots pretty much blew me away too. Glad you had fun last night!

  2. I don’t know if I can forgive you for this…
    Leave The CheeseBergens off of your list.

  3. I was a Green Day fan back in the day! I think they’d still be pretty cool to watch in concert!

  4. I enjoyed the list, but haven’t seen anything live since Three Dog Night in Marin County. (don’t ask how long ago either)

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed Bon Jovi live a few years ago.

  6. I love O.A.R.! Every time I go to one of their concerts, I have a natural high for hours afterward.

    DSB (Don’t Stop Believin’), a local Journey cover band, is awesome!

  7. I’ve not seen any of them, but I do remember watching a vid where Green day invited a kid up to play on stage with them and he was awesome! I’m more of a cheesy stadium rock girl – I’ve seen Bon Jovi five times, Thunder, Van Halen, Springsteen, Bryan Adams, that sort of thing. Oh, and The Spice Girls.

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