280 Characters? For Donald Trump?!!? Yikes!

Yes, Twitter has gone and done it this time. Donald Trump brought us to the brink of a nuclear war with North Korea using only 140 characters. What he might do with 280 is mind boggling. If you’re a little confused, here’s what I’m talking about: Since it’s creation in 2006 Twitter has limited users tweets to 140 characters or less. About two weeks ago Twitter began allowing users to use up to 280 characters.

Over the years Donald has had some really interesting tweets. I wonder how they might be different if he could have said twice as much. Let’s look at a few, shall we?

with 140 more characters Trump would go on to say: Robert you can do much better than her. Like me for instance. I’m rich and handsome. Mostly rich.

with more characters he would have likely gone on to say: But the election, that’s your fault. Well, not really your fault. Mostly the Russians, but I’m in now and there’s nothing you can do about it. Sad!

Given more leeway Trump would add: I’m your new God now. All bow down to me! The Bible said Jesus was the savior. Fake news!

Some of Donald Trumps tweets to Eminem after he got elected:

If Donald could have expanded his rapping repertoire he might have also said: Don’t look back cuz my hair is whack. I’m your new Prez now and my face is orange you’re a washed up rapper who…shit, nothing rhymes with orange. Covfefe! 

With more characters available he later went back and edited the tweet to say: I don’t understand irony. My grandparents weren’t immigrants because they bought Manhattan and gave it to me. 

Not too French? Apparently Donald isn’t overly familiar with our neighbors to the North. With more characters he might have gone on to say: If I had to kiss a foreign leader it would be him. Reminds me of Robert Pattinson. 

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Have a great Saturday! ~Phil

47 responses to “280 Characters? For Donald Trump?!!? Yikes!

  1. Gold!!! This is hilarious….great post!! Looking forward to some more fodder.

  2. Funnily enough Phil, my first thought when I heard about the increased Tweet length was “Oh no that means Trump will be able to tweet twice as much nonsense. But then I thought “NO! He doesn’t have that long an attention span!”

  3. Doubling the tweet capacity is silly as brevity is central to microbloging. Plus this is an insurmountable challenge for Mr. Trump.

    Thanks for reminding me of POTUS and his fine thinking!

  4. What is wrong with the man? I can’t believe he has such power.

  5. Voted Phil. You crack me up as usual!

    • Thanks so much Noelle. I forgot to mention that at the end of the Cover of the Month contest that I’m going to having a drawing and five people who voted for me get a free e-book/paperback/Audible copy of my book. Do you want me to put your name in for that?

  6. Jeeeez reading some of his original tweets is really something. Anyway, I wish you could go on all day mocking your president as it’s bloody hilarious.

  7. scary, i was thinking the same thing when they increased it )

  8. Ha ha ha, I’m sorry. I’m laughing so hard that I’m finding it difficult to type 😂

    I hate the 280 characters! Brevity was the usp of Twitter and now they’ve gone and made it Facebook!

  9. Funnny. Enjoyed this. The tweet about his parents coming from Germany is classic.

  10. OMG from the north. You made me laugh but in an awful way. So true what now is coming down the pipes?

  11. My son’s first comment was “Oh God what will Trump come up with now?”! You have added some much needed laughter into a dreary Sat….voted too x

  12. LOL. This was great, Phil. Already voted message.

  13. Hi Phil,
    You are REALLy funny. How often do you blog about politics? I mean, what percentage of your posts? I agree with what you’ve written– scary!

  14. I won’t comment too much on politics it seems to upset people far too easily. Life is going to become interesting. Don’t watch the puppet, watch the hand that is pulling its strings!!

  15. LOL! Thanks for the chuckle, Phil! You’re definitely funny!

  16. This is hilarious, Phil. Just what the twitter world does not need – more characters!!

  17. 280 characters
    I’m sure that he could spin it
    To dig his own ditch
    And bury himself in it!

  18. This cracks me up…at the same time as being pretty scary!
    I really hope we don’t all die in a nuclear winter just because trump is an idiot and starts a war on twitter. 🙁

  19. Was my pleasure to vote this time Phil. Really hope the results are far more satisfying than the last “election” I took part in.

  20. Hi Phil!
    Absolutely love this post. You made me laugh out loud (seriously!) more than once 🙂

  21. I liked that bigly.
    Blogging about politics can be difficult. A couple of people unfriended me over Brexit & I didn’t even say which side I was on! 😀

  22. I dread this new world in which the orange man who must not be named has the ability to impact people, governments, and the world 240 words at a time.

  23. Funny stuff. Thankfully while traversing the blogiverse, I tend to find more people writing intelligent stuff in the anti-Trump and anti-Brexit sides of the divides. My theory is this is because pro-Trump and pro-Brexit people only get a few words out of their heads before their anger becomes too much for them and their head blows up. This might be happening even now as people read this comment.

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