Annual Bloggers Bash Awards Voting: This Is Very Important!

The voting for the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards is now open! I’m honored and touched that someone nominated me for Funniest Blogger. Now that I’m nominated, I’d really like to win it to help my 2018 goals of also winning Sexiest Man Alive. I want one of the two, but only you can help me in this on. When you click the link that I’ll provide, I’d appreciate it tremendously if you go to the Funniest Blogger category and scroll down the category, and click on The Phil Factor. Click HERE to vote!

Thank you for your support! ~Phil

16 responses to “Annual Bloggers Bash Awards Voting: This Is Very Important!

  1. :D!!!!!!

  2. Good luck Phil. Well deserved nomination 👍🏻

  3. Good luck and congrats on your nomination!!!!

  4. Phil Taylor
    …you have two first names, as Taylor is also a guy’s name as well
    …on par with James Taylor on this one ….

    • I met James Taylor once and it didn’t occur to either of us that we both had two first names. You are the first to point out. I’ll have to give Jimmy a call about this.

  5. Losing the Plot

    Flip! How did that happen! LOL!

    Congratulations! and good luck!

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