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Your Vote Could Save Snuggles Life

Through a set of circumstances too complicated to explain, if you don’t vote for me for Funniest Blogger, Snuggles the fabric softener bear will die. Please help me to save Snuggles. The Voting for the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards is still going on and me and Snuggles really need your vote! Go HERE to vote.

Wordless Wednesday? Not This Week, I Need Your Votes!

The Annual Blogger’s Bash Awards voting is going on now! You can vote for #ThePhilFactor for Funniest Blog by clicking HERE! You don’t even have to be a blogger. Anyone can vote! Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

Annual Bloggers Bash Awards Voting: This Is Very Important!

The voting for the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards is now open! I’m honored and touched that someone nominated me for Funniest Blogger. Now that I’m nominated, I’d really like to win it to help my 2018 goals of also winning Sexiest Man Alive. I want one of the two, but only you can help me in this on. When you click the link that I’ll provide, I’d appreciate it tremendously if you go to the Funniest Blogger category and scroll down the category, and click on The Phil Factor. Click HERE to vote!

Thank you for your support! ~Phil