Top Ten Tuesday! Ten More Best TV Show Theme Songs

Back in August I posted The Ten Best TV Show Theme Songs Ever, and found it tremendously difficult to narrow it down to just ten. Then my readers chimed in with more suggestions that were all just as good, so here are 11-20 of the best TV show theme songs ever list.

20. The Littlest Hobo: I never saw the show, and it was suggested by Steve of Steve Says who’s from Scotland, so I’m not sure where the show is from. It appears to be one of those 70’s theme songs that tell the whole story.

19. Game of Thrones: If I had watched this show yet, it would be ranked higher.

18. The Jeffersons: An iconic late 70’s early 80’s show. Everyone knew the lyrics to this one.

17. Downton Abbey: I was tempted to type it as Downtown Abbey just to see how many of you would correct me in the comments.

16. Gilligan’s Island: I can still sing the lyrics from memory for the 70’s classic from my childhood.

15. CSI: In the first version of this list I didn’t want to include CSI because the theme songs weren’t originally created for the show, but I do like me some classic Who.

14. Hawaii 5-0: An unmistakable classic. It was left off the first list because of it’s lack of lyrics. In my college days, whenever this song was played in a certain bar we would stage dive onto the crowd from on top of tables.

13. Dr. Who: It’s a classic, iconic show. I love the show, but am frustrated that there’s no lyrics! I know it varies from year to year, so I just picked one.

12. The Muppet Show: An unforgettable classic suggested by Norm 2.0. Brilliantly funny!

11. The Big Bang Theory: Who here can sing all the lyrics in perfect time?

Well, between the two lists do you think I’ve captured the 20 best TV show theme songs of all time? Or do you have other suggestions? Will I have to make another list?

Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil

18 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Ten More Best TV Show Theme Songs

  1. excellent list

  2. Love the list! Too many theme songs in my head now!

  3. Is Big Bang on there twice?

    I am a huge fan of 70s and 80s TV themes:

    The Jeffersons (already mentioned 🙂 )
    WKRP in Cincinnati
    BJ & the Bear
    Facts of Life
    Diff’rent Strokes
    Chico and the Man
    What’s Happenin? (instrumental, yes, but it’s Henry Mancini!)
    The A-Team (another instrumental, but you can sing it sorta!)
    Sanford & Son (Quincy Jones!)

    And while not necessarily a song, the opening credits to the Super Friends variants over the years are pretty awesome.

  4. Yay! Doctor Who! Best theme song ever!

  5. All are good. The littlest Hobo is one I never saw either.

  6. I’m sure Littlest Hobo was American – certainly not English (or Scottish!) Maybe it was only sold over here though. All great entries – would still have to go with GoT from this list though!

  7. Your list is pretty accurate
    I’d say if I did know
    Maybe more than two or three
    Of these listed shows
    But I can tell you
    My son sure wears the crown
    When it comes to Big Band lyrics
    That boys got em down!

  8. 18,16,11….yes!!

  9. Yus! Littlest Hobo 🙂

  10. I like the songs for all of the CSI’s, Phil! 🙂
    I also remember the songs for I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched. My all time favorite may be “Cheers:” . . .where everybody knows my name. . .

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