I Hate To Say I Told You So But… I Predicted #DeleteFacebook

OK, I love to say I told you so, but I will say that I didn’t nail this one exactly or in the time frame I imagined, but I got it close enough that I’m taking credit for another correct psychic prediction.

1. Facebook will die a very sudden death. Millions will flee the social media empire when it’s revealed that the social network was started as an extension of the NSA to monitor people and collect personal data. Zuckerberg is earning approximately 10 billion a year to sell us out to the man.”

I was close. Zuckerberg was selling our data, but not to our own government. He was selling it to those that sought to influence our election and government and now, as you’ll see in many articles across the internet, millions using the hashtag #DeleteFacebook, are leaving Facebook. Zuckerberg made money selling our data and when it was discovered people left Facebook in droves. I got that right didn’t I?

Having all this psychic stuff in my head is a burden, but it would be wrong not to share my gift with the world. My next prediction is that you’ll come back here tomorrow and discover that my Saturday post is hilarious. Have a great Friday! ~Psychic Phil

18 responses to “I Hate To Say I Told You So But… I Predicted #DeleteFacebook

  1. Your ego is a lesson to us all. I want to join your Hubris support group Phil.

  2. What’s your prediction for how Trump’s visit to the UK will go, Guru Phil?

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  4. Since you’re good at predictions, are the Mets gonna win the World Series this year?

  5. Good on ya, Guru Phil.

  6. Your powers are other worldly Phil. Scary shit. Do you have a cult I can join?

  7. Delete Facebook? oh, no! oh damn!
    What will be left? Dumb Instagram?

  8. I didn’t know about the politics part, but ads I was aware of. That’s scary. I don’t trust fb. I got rid of it.

  9. Hi Phil,
    I need FB to promote my blog posts.
    Despite the fact they were hacked last week and I was thrown out of several accounts, my blog has grown because of FB groups.

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