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Today Is Worldwide Selfie Day for Paris

Paris after 9/11

Paris after 9/11

Why is today, Saturday November 14th Worldwide Selfie Day? Because we need it. The whole world needs it. We need to show the terrorists that they can’t take away our smiles. We need to show them that we will not hide. We need to show the Parisians that the rest of the world is there for them the way they were for us after 9/11.  This week we will mourn those that died and mourn the sense of safety and security that we had when we woke up yesterday, but we will not fear.

Yesterday I saw someone on Twitter blame “social media” for the Paris attacks because terrorists have used social media to recruit members. Social media is a tool, like a hammer. With a hammer you can pound enough nails in enough boards to build a church or a school, or you can use that same tool to bash someone in the head. Social media is a tool that is only as good or bad as it’s users.  We need a Worldwide Selfie Day to show the positive power of social media to heal and connect people.  When the people of France go to social media today, let them see the rest of the world looking back at them.

Taking a selfie is an empowering way to show your pride in yourself.  I wrote this post four weeks ago speculating on what selfies say about us, ultimately concluding that a selfie isn’t a narcissistic way of getting attention, but a way to capture a moment in our lives and show pride in ourselves. You know what else is great about selfies in this day and age? Once you place it on the interwebs, it’s there forever, somewhere. You become a part of a documented history that your children, grandchildren and alien races can see.


But how do we make this a worldwide phenomena so that our feeds and timelines on Saturday November 14th are filled with the smiling faces of everyone we know? Sharing. Share this idea. Share it until it spreads the world over, until it reaches Paris and they know that you and I care about them. When Parisians go online today let them see us looking back at them.

You can hit the Facebook, Twitter or re-blog buttons below. You can write your own Facebook or blog post about what a selfie means to you and what the terror attacks in Paris mean to you,  but whatever you do, share. That is the essence of the selfie and of being human. We’re sharing ourselves and a moment in time with the world.


I may not win People Magazines Sexiest Man Alive title, to be awarded in a few days time, but dammit, the sexiest person alive isn’t some airbrushed, hair dyed, primped upon diva, it’s you and me. It’s the human race. On Saturday November 14th, post a selfie so the whole world knows it too.  The terrorists don’t get to win, we do. All of us together putting our faces out there while those that spread terror hide in the shadows. If you’re a blogger reading this, post your favorite selfie on your blog. If you’ve found this on Facebook, put your selfie on Facebook. Twitter? Yup, you know what to do. Instagram, you do pics there, so I know you’re good to go.

What Does Your Selfie Say About You?



Are you a selfie person? What does being a selfie person say about you? Is it good? Is it bad? What do you think of other people’s selfies? What do you want people to think about yours? Have I asked enough rhetorical questions yet? Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical.

Ellen DeGeneres group Oscar selfie

Over the last ten years we’ve become a selfie culture. Some say that it’s rooted in our insecurities and need to be validated by others. I say it’s because we got cameras in our phones you morons. I’m pretty sure all those people in that photo above this aren’t insecure and seeking validation from others. As a culture, humans have always been a “Look at me! Look at what I did!” culture. Cave paintings were the first selfies weren’t they? Cavemen and women showing how awesome they looked when they killed a mastodon.  Look at all the hieroglyphics on Egyptian pyramids. Selfies all of them. Heck, the Egyptian kings had statues made of themselves. That’s the best selfie ever.

Guess what? I don’t think selfies are bad, except of course when people die taking selfies because they’re not paying attention to what they’re doing. And yes, of course more people die from taking selfies than from shark attacks. Duh! Niether the sharks nor the swimmers have their cameras with them, usually.



Selfies are not a sign of insecurity. We’re not a culture of solo people living side by side. We’re meant to interact and get reactions from those around us. That need is hardwired into our brain. Selfies are just another modern way to let people know that we’re there.

I don’t take a lot of selfies myself, but I think they’re great, unless you’re an idiot. Why the heck can’t we celebrate ourselves? And if you’re a self-esteem challenged person, why can’t you feel good when you get 52 likes on your selfie at the Rick Astley concert? Here’s what I’d like to propose: a Worldwide Selfie Day. Let’s celebrate ourselves and the awesome human race with a day where we all say “Look at me world!” Everyone who can will post a selfie on some social media that day.

I’m not crazy right? This is a good idea isn’t it? I don’t know how to get this rolling or how to get a politician to sponsor something to get the declaration, but I’m serious. How fun would that day be? By all means if you have ideas on how to make this happen, please put them in the comments. If you don’t have ideas but love the idea, please share this post by hitting the Facebook, Twitter, or re-blog buttons below so we can get some momentum. Have a great weekend! ~Phil

Top Ten Tuesday! The Top Ten Reasons to Hate Social Media

Picture credit: thesocialskinny.com

Picture credit: thesocialskinny.com

10. Bloggers: Ugh. We all think we’re funny, or smart or interesting. Sometimes we are and often times we’re not.This doesn’t apply to me of course, and you guys are all great, really. Shhh…it’s the other bloggers I’m talking about.

9. Twitter snobs: “Oh, you just don’t understand Twitter.” Have you heard this? Really? Sorry, I didn’t realize that Twitter was so complicated. I thought it was just a bunch of dolts making jokes. How could I have been so wrong? So far I haven’t heard of anyone on Twitter curing cancer or splitting the atom. I love my Twitter, but some people think they’re worthy of deity status because of how many followers they have or how many retweets they’ve gotten. Being popular on Twitter is about as impressive as being popular in prison.

Picture credit: themetapicture.com

Picture credit: themetapicture.com

8. Pinterest: Holy crap! I seriously do not care that you pinned a new recipe on your board. What the hell? Why couldn’t you just stick it on Facebook? That’s where all the old people are anyway.

7. Facebook winners: These people think Facebook is a contest to see who has the most fabulous life. If your life is that great why don’t you go live it instead of spending all your time on Facebook?

6. Facebook whiners: Look, sharing some personal stuff is fine. It’s what bonds us together sometimes. But all the time? Hello, boundaries! Guess what? We’re not all here to be your therapist and this isn’t group therapy. Suck it up and pay a professional.

5. The selfie: Truth be told, I’ve taken a few selfies in my time, but in general you just look desperate for attention.


4. Social media insecurity: Do I have enough followers? Did I get enough likes and comments? I don’t remember, how did we measure our self-worth before social media? That’s right, we didn’t. We just lived our lives and tried to buy a better car than our friends.

3. Time: We all had more of it before social media. Before social media, man went to the moon and found a cure for polio. What have we done since social media? Mostly stupid stuff like drones delivering pizza and inventing the selfie. Seriously though, how cool would a selfie on the moon be? You could have the Earth over your shoulder…Neil Armstrong was a moron for missing that opportunity. He’d probably be more remembered for inventing the selfie.

2. I have to network on LinkedIn: Up until about 5 years ago I had my job, I did it and if I didn’t like it I sent a resume’ somewhere. Now it’s all about networking! Who do you know? Where do you know them from? Who am I connected with? Who are my friends connected with? Who will endorse me? Jeez, work has become work outside of work.

1. Somebody said something mean about…my blog post, my Facebook update, my picture, my political opinion that I voiced, blah, blah, blah, wah, wah, wah. Everyone has an opinion and now they get to broadcast it. There’s people I used to like in real life, and then I became privy to their opinions on everything through social media.

What are your pet peeves about social media?

Ironically, if you enjoy #ThePhilFactor please share it by Facebook, Twitter or reblogging. Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil