The Ten Most Popular Phil Factor Posts of 2016


Thanks to you, my friends, 2016 was a record breaking year for The Phil Factor. These are the posts that garnered the most views over the past twelve months. If you missed reading them the first time, just click on the title and catch up with what a bunch of other people seemed to really like.

10. Carol Brady, Fidel Castro and MeA shocking expose’ revealing my connection to these two now deceased celebrities.

9. Our House Is A Very, Very, Very, Fine HouseI am now living in my third house since I started #ThePhilFactor. I wrote this post last summer when I was frustrated while trying to sell my house.

8. An Interview With An Actual NorwegianMy readership among the Norwegians is legendary and fellow blogger Maja has a great following. You should check out her blog.

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7. The Doppelganger Fight ClubThis is one that I really enjoyed writing. What would happen if you met your doppelganger?

6. TBT! Hindi Sexting Is Back! Over two years ago I did one of my Fun With Search Terms posts noting that “Hindi sexting” was an unusual topic that had brought a few people to my blog. Since then I get 50 or more views everyday from search terms including the phrase Hindi sexting

5. New Eyes: Author Interview with Steve TreuEither he has a lot of friends, or a book about a mixture of science and religion has tremendous popular appeal.

4. The Rolling Stones Are Liars: My Class ReunionThree years ago I went to a high school class reunion, wrote about it, and for some reason this year strangers from all over the world decided to read about it. Did The Rolling Stones do something this year? Are they even still alive?


3. 2016 Predictions From a Legit PsychicApparently admitting that I’m a soothsayer is a real draw for my blog. Come back Saturday to see my psychic predictions for 2017.

2. Real Sexting Conversations to Read in Hindi? Whether intentional or not, my blog remains the world’s leading site for Hindi speaking online dating advice.  Maybe because I occasionally do things like this: रीयल Sexting बातचीत हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए


1. Three Things… For the longest time it puzzled me as to why this post from March 2015 was leading the stats for most read. Then it occurred to me that it has two things in it that are both far more popular outside of my world than I could imagine: Zayn Malik & One Direction and a hilarious poem in the comments by Marissa Bergen about Hindi sexting.

I hope you enjoyed reading me as much as I enjoyed writing for you in 2016. Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil

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  1. A list now that the year is done
    I think that I read every one
    From me you will get no contention
    But thanks for the honorable mention

  2. All were good. Thanks for a great year.

  3. I remember all of them.

  4. Love all of them! And hey, you have the Hindi’s while I , apparently, have a fan base in the European Union. Started with 2 there, up to 11 as of today. Wha??!! 😛 Congrats on a great year and all the best for 2017! Blessings!

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