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The Junk on Your Trunk

Yes, it’s the holiday season and with all the festivities we’re all probably adding a little junk to our trunk. But that’s not the trunk I want to talk about. Not that your trunk isn’t worth talking about. I’m sure it’s delightful, but it’s the junk on your trunk I want to talk about. Many of you have the trunk of your car or SUV festooned with some decorative statement about who you are. 

First off, festooning is never good. Just using the word festoon impugns my manliness. And you know I don’t have enough manliness to go around impugning it all willy nilly. The fact that I just used “willy nilly” is evidence of the limits of my manliness. Sometimes based on the junk on your trunk I also wonder how much manliness, or sanity, you have.

OBX: You think that you’re telling us you’ve been to the Outer Banks region of North Carolina for vacation. What we see is someone who misspelled Box, which is 13 points in Words with Friends. 

13.1 or 26.2: You see these numbers frequently and some of you may have them on your trunk.. Apparently they indicate that the driver has run either a half-marathon (13.1) or full marathon (26.2). You know what? If your such a damn good runner, why don’t you just get out of your car and run wherever you’re going. You can have the numbers tattooed on your real trunk. And what’s with the decimals? This is the United States! Decimals are for Canadians and their new fangled metric system. Oooooh! What a big shot you are! Did you run a tenth or two tenths more than someone? Apparently you have to run the extra tenth or two to get the sticker because I’ve never seen  just a 13 or 26 sticker. I wonder if there are runners out there who feel like failures  because they could only make it 13 or 26 miles. I’m having a 20 sticker made. That’s the distance in feet from my couch to my refrigerator.

The Stick Figure Family: What is this supposed to tell us? Are you all anorexic, including your dog and cat? I once saw a car with the stick figure family but it was just the Dad and two kids and there was a space between the Dad and kids as if there had been a Mom stick figure and it was removed. Apparently she got that in the divorce settlement. Somewhere there’s a sad, lonely woman driving around with a stick figure of herself on her car. If you’re a single guy follow that car to the liquor store. She’s probably an easy mark right about now. And if you’re a single guy, I seriously do not want to see what that stick figure sticker is going to look like. 

The Ribbon Magnet: There are so many support ribbon magnets that they’ve become de-valued. You can support our troops, schleroderma, autism, and your favorite football team with a ribbon magnet for your car. If you’re a left handed, autistic, football player from West Point who has bad skin you can probably buy enough ribbon magnets to put a ring of them all the way around your car. In fact, I’m thinking of creating a ribbon magnet for people who feel left out because they have no reason to have a ribbon magnet. 

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