Top Ten Tuesday! My Top Ten Favorite Top Tens


I don’t repeat my Top Tens like I do my feature posts on Throwback Thursday, so once a year I revisit my favorite Top Tens. (Also, this is what happens when I don’t plan ahead) These are my personal funniest favorites. The links are live. Enjoy!

Ten Reasons I Won’t Date Taylor Swift

Ten Sexy Quotes from Yelp Restaurant Reviews

Top Ten Perks of Being The Pope

Top Ten Amish Facebook Status Updates

Ten Situations That Should Be Solved By a Rap Battle

The Top Ten Things Brian Williams Made Up

Ten Amish TV Shows There Should Be

Ten People I’d Like To Punch

Top Ten Reasons I’m Not Spider-man

The Top Ten Things I Don’t Want To Be Doing if I’m Frozen in Time by a Volcano

Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil

7 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! My Top Ten Favorite Top Tens

  1. The pope and the Amish… You know you’re going to hell, Phil?!? LOL! I’ll save ya a seat!

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  2. So much fun. I’ve been warned by my doctor to cut down on the fun, but couldn’t help myself.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My favorite has to be Top Ten People I Wanna Punch.. So much accuracy in one post 😛 (y)

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